Monday, December 21, 2009

Artist on Acid

Well no I'm not really on acid...
However, a week at home with bronchitis almost drove me crazy..
It also pushed my creative boundaries in ways I never really imagined :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I conformed :(

Yes... I followed the crowd.. and jumped on the 'Flygerian' band wagon... *sigh*

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Saturday, December 5, 2009

I <3 Machines!

This morning, me padre and I changed the brake pads of the car...

Who says girls don't like to get their hands dirty? :)

I love cars!

Changing the pads

Dirty Hands

Putting the tire back in

The old pads

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Went down to Philly to hang with my crew last night...
Scored some pretty cool shots with my tiny Nikon Coolpix cam..
My dad is currently having some separation issues when it comes to his Nikon so I try not to steal it as much.. :)

Christmas decor already?

What people call graffiti, I call street art...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Amazing Grace...

I wrote this to audition for a show... I submitted it 5hrs after the deadline, lol
I luv how I had no inspiration or material till after the deadline....
However, I was asked to compete in a Poetry Slam, which I had to decline to do because I'm not ready to compete yet...

So I sing the first line, and then recite the rest of the stanza ..

Amazing grace:

Wasn’t something she knew in the hood where she grew up,

Grace was a bright kid who just wanted to sing,

But the industry never saw her,

And if they did they didn’t recognize her,

So when things got hard she turned to the pole,

It was only temporary,

Till she became mesmerized by the money,

And seduced by life in the fast lane,

In a hurry to make that cash,

Come up fast,

But the pole stripped her of her virginity,

And abandoned her with no dignity,

So she said yes when he offered to pay for sex,

Then got upset when he asked why she was still there the next day,

She tried to make conversation but he didn’t care what she had to say,

He just wanted her out of the way before his wife came home,

It was then she realized that when he bought her body, her mind too had been sold,

All of the a sudden the room became cold,

But even with her clothes on she still felt naked,

The only comfort she had was her song that no one else would ever hear,


How sweet the sound:

Of the screams the first time he hit her,

Tears stained her face and blood stained the carpet,

Only trying to explain that she hadn’t been cheating,

But he didn’t believe a word she was saying,

Truth was, he didn’t believe the accusations he was making,

She was just his release for his frustration,

He was her excuse for prostitution,

Trying to save enough to run away,

“One last time, one more day” she’d tell herself,

Until a day turned to a month, and a month to a year,

Until the system led her here,

To this 31 by 10 jail cell she called home,

The one bedroom flat she didn’t even own,

Who would save her broken heart, and her lost soul.

That saved a wretch like me:

She’d stopped hoping for salvation,

She knew she was damned to hell when she started enjoying her occupation,

But who could blame her,

When asked what she did she called herself a performer,

On the stage no one cared who you were when they longingly stared,

Up there she commanded respect,

Her body moved so fluid, but her heart was rock solid,

Because in six inch heels,

No one cares how she feels,

But when the music stopped, the metal was ice to her skin,

She remembered the prison she was in,

And felt the heavy weight of her sin.

I once was lost:

In a multitude of problems,

And alone in the midst of a million people,

Only a hundred in church that day,

They sang together harmoniously,

In one voice of many broken hearts,

Each one acting out the part that life had given them,

Grace was tired of her role,

Tired of her pole,

She had picked the shorter straw but,

She wouldn’t live this life anymore,

As they listened to the sermon, she planned her suicide,

Would she do it in the open or would she hide,

To her death meant being alive so,

Maybe she’d find life on the other side.

But now I’m found:

Wrists slit in her closet,

A stained piece of paper with two words on it,

“I’m sorry”

Not sorry that she took her life,

But that it took so long to end the strife,

Sorry for her friends who were still in the business,

Who would wake up tomorrow and do it all again,

Sorry that no one else would apologize for their pain,

But I’m sorry that she thought she was taking one life and instead took two,

The baby girl growing inside her she never knew,

Who’s to say if she had known she wouldn’t still have done it,

To save the little girl from a life of injustice,

People called her a coward but I know it took courage,

To put a sharp blade to her vein,

And watch it drain her dry.

Was blind but now I see:

That you’re still not aware of what you don’t know,

To you this is a story,

And to the government a statistic,

But to me, it’s reality,

I saw Grace on the corner of Broadway last night,

And on my train this morning,

You see my heart is mourning the loss of a voice that was never heard,

Lyrics that were never read,

Words that were never said,

Beauty that was never admired,

A life she never desired,

A reality that should inspire you to stop, and think,

But five minutes after you hear this, you’ll forget it,

You’ll walk out into street and meet grace,

But you won’t recognize her, as she’s stares longingly into your face.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Perils of the Working Class..

Lol, ok maybe the title of this blog is a bit dramatic...

I love working, however... I have been disconnected from the rest of the world since I started waking up ridiculously early every day of the week...

Thus explaining why I haven't blogged in a minute {or 200}...

But, have no fear, a new poem is here.. or will be.. tomorrow.. unfailingly :)

xoxo {maybe I should cut back on the Gossip Girl episodes}

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Guess who made tights and shorts famous! Haha!

By the way, check out that forehead...

Two nights ago, after I got my hair braided, my sister made a comment about how shiny my forehead was...
And my own father says "you have Gleaming Forehead Syndrome! GFS!" ... then proceeds to laugh till he cries...

1 hour later
Omg! I just realized it was my birthday in that pic! And I was playing musical chairs! Lmao... by myself!??

Me and Him

Me and him,
Were trains going in opposite directions,
Heading towards different stations,

Me and him,
Were hitchhiking through life,
Constantly on the go,

Me and him,
Were punctuations in the English language,
Me, the question mark,
Him, the full stop,

Me and him,
Were trains going in opposite directions,
Excited by the possibility of a collision,
Scared by the intensity of our electricity,
But hoping for the slightest bit of friction,
Never slowing,
Never stopping,
Lovers only through a brief interaction,

Me and him,
Were never meant to be,
But we were,
Then were not,
And now, we are nothing.

Another perk of going to work everyday...

.... aside from getting paid...

The Sunrise

The Sunset

Today I committed a sin,
I walked into a Cosi's,
And sat down,
To drink a Starbucks coffee,
Forgive me .... :)

Friday, October 9, 2009

I'm sorry? NASA did what now?

Okay, so recently I've only been blogging art related stuff..
That's because once I get into art mode nothing else really catches my attention...
But a friend of mine told me about this yesterday and I was appalled...

So apparently they're trying to find out if there's water on the moon...
Because stealing *ahem* I mean harnessing the moons H2O makes more sense than stopping the pollution of ours...
Because the big companies that dump crap into the earths water bodies {and also contribute their friendly quota to global warming}, most likely invest in NASA's projects as well...
Because it's easier {not} to jet off into space and cart off water from a celestial body that, while belonging to earth, doesn't really belong to just humans beings...
As a matter of fact, there are millions of other species that we humans share the earth with, but of course they don't matter... {note the obvious sarcasm}...
Oh and the most important reason, because NASA decides for the rest of the planet what we do with our moon...

Well, there was noone to stop them...

Not that I hope anything goes/went wrong...
But I do hope that if any moon bits happens to break off, spiral out of orbit, and drop to earth...
They smash only the NASA headquarters... to bits :)

Don't misunderstand me, I'm all for science, technology, and the advancement of the human race...
But there are just certain forces that should not be tampered with...
Thats all.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Desperate Resignation

Have you ever wanted to run,
Just run,

You know a cab would get you there faster,
Or a train,
Or a plane,
But you'd rather run,
Because you have no destination,

That is your heart has a destination,
But your feet can't take you there,
So even if you run, you're still going nowhere,
No matter how fast you go, or how far,

But you need to run still,
To get to the point where,
You can't run anymore,
You can't breathe anymore,
You can't hear your heart anymore,
And to that point where,
You're certain theres nothing you can do anymore,
But stop.
Just stop.
Copyright ©2009 Chinwe Arinze

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Only Human

Last night,
While arguing with my ex over nothing important,
And losing my temper,
Over something that didn't matter,
As I felt my emotions fluctuate between affection and distaste,
I was reminded of my vulnerability.

This morning,
While halving strawberries in an absent minded manner,
Preparing fruit for my father,
I pricked my forefinger with the pointed tip of the sharp knife,
And squeezing my eyes shut,
Anticipating pain,
I was reminded of my mortality.

This evening,
As I forced a hot iron through the tangled mess of my dark knotted curls,
The iron slipped,
Burning away the flesh from one of the darker brown lines between my knuckle,
And I was reminded of my fragility.

Snuggling between my cold sheets and my thick duvet,
Finger healed, burn oiled, hair braided,
I shut my eyes and whisper a silent prayer of gratitude for life,
And another for protection from hurt,
As I meditate on my humanity.

I am only human.

Copyright ©2009 Chinwe Arinze

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm on a roll!

So I'm trying my hand at illustration..
Giving the fashion drawing a breather for a sec...
I did this in my sketch pad with pencil, and then black ink....
Then I uploaded it on to my computer, and edited it with paint brush and photoshop..
Not bad if I may say so myself....

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Competing for Attention...

So I love Art...
My only problem is when I get inspired.. I get inspired in all areas of my artistic life...
Music, fashion, photography, fine art, writing....
I can't do it ALL at once :(
And I don't know which medium to express my creativity with!!!

I took this when I was supposed to be gardening...
My backyard looks like something from a fairytale
Don't the tree stumps look like fairy stools? :)

Being a goofball..

Designed by.. Grafeek! ™ {a.k.a me!}

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My latest obsession!

So.. I'm thinking of starting a clothing line...
Basic designs... crazy color... fun to wear...
Hoodies.. tanks... Tee's...
Shall I?

You do interesting things when you're in bed with a cold :)
Designed by.. Grafeek! ™ {a.k.a me!}

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Glowing Colors

I have fallen in love... with a photoshop effect.
These are two of my sketches and a photo I edited with photoshop.... luv em!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


So my friends and I had a rap battle a long time ago..
Yes I used to attempt to rap *cringe*...
But I recently found our old raps from the battle and I couldn't stop laughing... lol

Boy 1
Ahem! Mic check 1, 2, 1 ,2
Think its time 2 take dis ting 2 level 2
Slay a sucker MC das wat im bout 2 do
Drop an atomic bomb on ya wreck ya whole crew

Rockets aimed, programmed 2 seek and destroy
Blast thru ur armour, be it metal, teflon or alloy
Gutter tactics, developed in da ghetto iz what i employ

But Ussee is here 2 bring u back 2 reality
Come against me u must b praying 4 a calamity wiv alacrity
This is not a battle of equality, lyrically we hav no similarity
My name's like microsoft, hear it and remember it as a symbol of quality

Rapping hatin rapper wannabeez
I feel u swarming around me lyk beez
Got no mercy 4 my enemiez
Swat u wiv an iron fist wiv eaze
The General is here! SALUTE!
At Ease...

Yeh I know I’m the master, my job is to teach,
Jus lyk ur church pastor, I came here to preach,
Can I get a hallelujah, this is a revival,
Rap was dead, but it arose wiv my arrival,

My ying is ur yang, I’m at my zen,
Un-phased I’m chillin lyk a lioness in her den,
Say when, lemmi know if you had enough,
Cuz I won’t stop, lyk genuine leather I’m tough,

Saleem if rap knowledge was oxygen, you’d suffocate,
Be begging for alms lyk a beggar at the gate,
Ain’t no hate, so I’ll spare u some change,
But I’ll leave u with a warning, next time stay within ur range,

My flow is sick, classic, lyk the renaissance,
I come harder every tym, leave niggas in a trance,
And yeh I see you, flipping thru ur dictionary,
Wait my bad, you're still playin pictionary,

But picture this, lyk buddha I came to give enlightenment,
Steadily raising standards while you’re on steady decent,
My game so slick, I’m lyk a talented thief,
So Usse ur the general? Meet the commander in chief!

Peace ;)

May {my sister}
Hey hey bros wetin u dey do,
Gon sidon abeg before I finish you,
Wait, what, u open mouth come dey talk?
U sabi run ur mouth but u no fit do the walk,
Abeg bros u dey try too hard,

You don disqualify, con take ur red card.

My people come see this oyinbo pikin,
With his flows wey resemble handicap chicken,
If I were u my brother I go my lock my door dey pray,
“Make she no embarrass me with the tin wey she go say”

Infact I go take pity, make I leave u alone,
Bcuz u fit destroy urself on ur own,
I don trample u, u dey lyk gum wey I chew,
Da problem now na to remove u from my shoe.

Back with a new rap for the poetically inclined,
Check ur mirrors, strap in, this is rap undefined,
Can’t help but wonder why you still want more,
You say ur a disease? Well I brought the cure,

I know why you’re so moody, your rap is on menopause,
I would be touchy if I couldn’t use a phrase or a clause,
Cut! Stop! Rewind, did I leave you behind?
You will find though my skill has no class and no kind,

My rap is lyk medicare, urz is on welfare,
I do this on a daily basis, my rap is your oasis,
Been wandering in the desert, come here nd wash ur faces,
Leave you refreshed cuz u was dying of thirst,
No need to say thank you, I know u needed the rest,

You about to get digested, your flow is like food,
No wait, I meant trash, thrown out cuz its no good,
Like your favourite channel you know I keep you glued,
Unless you ain’t got cable, then I leave you confused,
I keep it hot like fire, flames keep rising higher,
Like a stipper in full attire, I’ma strip you of rap desire,
Checked CNN lately? There’s been some breaking news,
“ChinChin bringing the spark back to Usse’s broken fuse”

Congress just passed a new bill on rap abuse,
Sawi Saleem, ryt now I’d hate to be in your shoes,
Your skill is lyk old nikes, dirty and used,
Useless, like a bomb that’s been diffused,

Your rap is like a shape that lacks geometry,
Like a molecule without complexity,
A poor composition that’s void of harmony,
Chemical X without acidity,
You’re still VHS and I’m DVD!

This ain’t a battlefield no more, it’s a cemetery,
My rap ‘the artillery’, your rap ‘the casualty’,
So bad boi’s I’ve got a question, watchu gonna do?
Best take cover when I come through,

I’m on a constant high, you best catch the craze,
Cuz unlike you this is my life, not just a phase,
The only way you can stop it is to kill it,
And even that won’t work cuz u’ll still feel it like a spirit,

Like a court case, I’ma let the jury decide,
Although they’re still in awe at how my case has been designed,
“We the jury think the defendant is unopposed,
To the plaintiff, we have no choice but to render this case closed!”

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Cutest Thing

Look see what I found at AC Moore!

Doll size canvas and an easel!

I can't wait to paint on it and put it on the table in the entry, next to the big yellow vase! :)

The glass bottles with glass beads inside were done by my younger sister after she took an interior design class, I love them!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Watercolor... with color!

Except I cheated and finished it with photoshop.. hehe...

My dad keeps asking why she has to cry, lol...
And my brothers won't stop pointing out that it's half a face...
I do draw a ton of half faces though, it started out as laziness and turned into a habit..
But I like her, half face, full face, I don't discriminate... :)

Simply Amazing

His work is fantastic...
I wonder what software he uses, I'm sure if I search his blog he mentions it somewhere...

Watercolor... with no color?

So I've decided to try my hand at painting with watercolor...
Can I just say that I am terrified of color, so this is a huge step for me :)
My hestaition to color anything might explain why my watercolor painting is colorless, lol...
But it's one step at a time.. right?

Monday, August 31, 2009

You've got a friend in me!

I did eveything possible to avoid sounding too loud...
But I kinda have a strong voice... *shrugs*

PS: My friend says when I say friend in me it sounds like 'frenemy'... hehe

Saturday, August 29, 2009



Lets play a game of race

Lets retrace the steps of our ancestry,

Back to who we used to be before the white man dethroned us from our place,

And when I say white I don’t mean it racially, no not yet,

I mean the wicked white that comes from within,

And we thought black was the bad color,

Now stand corrected as I tell you how they took our pride

Forced royalty to run and hide,

Forced families to divide but,

We can’t blame the other forever

Because we too sold our brothers

Children betrayed the land of their fathers

And mothers cried bloody murder

What a disgrace,

Yes you black man with wicked white on the inside

You stood and watched as women cried,

And hope died,

You sowed seeds of greed

Centuries later I wish you could see the effect,

How your children struggle to reconnect with society,

Yes sit back as I deal the cards of blame,

Double dealing because I too feel the shame,

Because you share the same color that is my claim to fame,

Yes you even share the name that they chose for us,


Do I look black to you?

My skin is a million different shades,

Honey, amber, ebony, and you call me black?

I guess that’s why you’re white to me,

Yes you white man now I’m talking racially,

I wouldn’t call my bluff because

The anger within me has been fueled by stories I’ve heard

Carted off in ships like cargo,

Packed together like a deck of cards,

No wonder there were so many dead bodies when your cargo ships reached the other side,

And you have the nerve to call us less,

Do I look less to you?

Ancient pyramids,

Lands abundant with yellow gold, black gold

Lands lush with green gold,

So much that you were green with envy,

Had to try to chain me,

Attempt to degrade me,

But wait, watch as we rebuild,

Yes Camden and Harlem are only temporary,

Jails of your own choosing,

But I’m here to explain to you black man that you can choose to lose those chains,

Break those binds that hold captive your minds,

Show them that we are not black,

We are brown skinned kings and queens and we’re making a comeback.

Copyright ©2009 Chinwe Arinze

Neighbor Boy

Neighbor Boy

Ok so to my females out there,

You know when you sight a fellow and you’re certain he broke the mold,

You assume his perfume was put together by angels,

So as you walk past him you clear your lungs of everything but oxygen,

And then when you catch a whiff you cease to breathe,

Just so you can keep a bit of him till nature forces you exhale,

Like, knocks the wind out of you till you choke out the scent you were saving,

Well, I saw one of those the other day,

Wow, was the only word that came to mind,

The way dude was designed it took effort not to whip out my phone and take a picture

Even though I was sure that my brain captured the image I mean,

Now I understand what takes place within a camera before you hear the *click*

How all the parts work together, like my nerves suddenly remembered to exist,

The way my blood rushed and my face flushed; if I were lighter he would have seen me blush,

As I thought to myself, he’s a potential crush,

But thou must not lust.

He came out of the house next to mine, and even though my class the next day was at nine,

I knew I’d have to resume my routine of running at seven,

But on Monday he didn’t come out till eleven,

So I had to change my plan.

Tuesday morning bright and early, I found the heaviest books I could carry,

You’d have thought my major was psychology,

And I waited till we got to my intersection then I happened to trip and fall in his direction,

Scattering my life all over the ground,

Did he even turn round to glance? Not a chance.

No worries I’m a trooper, by Wednesday I’d regrouped,

Decided not to stoop too low, I’d just go my way,

But that day, on his shirt was the name of my favorite band,

And the economics of courtesy demands that you pay a compliment where it’s due,

Which propelled me to yell across “you rock”

But he didn’t even stop.

So Thursday came round and my neighbor was going out of town,

She asked if I would watch and walk her dog,

And even though the furball makes me sneeze, I decided to please my curious desire,

To run into the good looking stranger,

But he seemed to be particularly in a hurry, rushing quickly as he walked by me,

And much as I wanted to give up,

On Friday I had to say something,

So when he was moving past,

I increased my speed from slow walk to fast,

This was my chance at last and I wouldn’t let it pass

I said to him,

On Tuesday I dropped my books

Wednesday I complimented your looks

Thursday I’m allergic but I took my neighbor’s dog for a walk,

Just so somehow we could talk,

None of this seemed to get your attention so I feel the need to mention,

That I’m slightly offended,

Even though I never intended for this to become an obsession,

In this time of a hot male recession,

You’ve been my inspiration to step up my game,

Can I at least get your name?

He laughed angelically as he began to explain,

On Tuesday the construction across the street was so loud

When you dropped your books I didn’t hear a thing,

And Wednesday, almost the same reason except

This time it was cuz my headphones were in,

I was listening to the band on my shirt, but I did notice your hot army green skirt,

And Thursday I would have stopped to say hi but I’m allergic to dogs too,

And every other season, however that was the reason I couldn’t tell you,

I’ve been meaning to drop by, but I’m kinda shy,

My names Dave by the way, do you have plans later today?

Mentally I had cleared my schedule; however reason implored me to front a little,

So I said “Yes actually, later I’m busy, but did you know tomorrow our favorite bands playing live in the city?”

And he said “You know magically, I’ve got two tickets actually, would you like to go with me?”

Does it take a genius to guess, my answer was yes!

Copyright ©2009 Chinwe Arinze

Friday, August 28, 2009

Why won't you argue with me?

Why won't you argue with me?

So I called him last night,

Just to start something

But he wouldn’t take the bait,

So I decided to wait till he made the mistake of

Making a vague expression that I could read rubbish into,

Like, “I wonder what you’re up to”

Then I would respond with “why do you always think I’m trying to start something”

But to my dismay he replied with an “Ok. Alright. You’re right”

And I was frustrated because I wanted him to fight,

Because I wanted him to care so I could share the emotion that was tearing me apart,

Like why did we ever start?

Why begin a road trip with an empty tank,

Why borrow money from a failing bank,

Why did you let me in, knowing I would begin to fall in love with the person that you are?

Why are you so far away?

And every time you’re about to hang up why do I make you stay?

Why do I want you so much?

Why do I feel like the more we talk the more we lose touch of the things that brought us together in the first place?

You know I would if could right?

If there was an ocean between us I would part it and walk barefoot miles across the ocean bed just to be with you,

I would sprout wings and get over my fear of height and anxiety of flight just to touch you,

Why won’t you argue with me?

Can’t you see it’s the only way I feel I have left to reach you,

To rattle your senses so that as you battle me you break my defenses,

So my heart never fails to pause every time I hear your voice,

Why can’t I have you?

Heart, Mind, body, and soul,

Why can’t I have total control of you, me, and us,

Why won’t you argue with me?

Copyright ©2009 Chinwe Arinze

Picture featured in the audio clip designed by ME :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009



He says I wind my waist to entice him,

Move my hips to distract him,

And when he begins to dance to my rhythm,

I act like I despise him,

“What is the meaning of your Shakara?”

I’ve got brown eyes, brown skin, like a nubian queen,

Long limbs that can reach and teach your proud heart to be patient,

Yes I know I’m worth the chase so we’re doing this at my pace,

You have to jump hurdles before your lips touch my face,

Go look around and see if any female can imitate the grace of an African woman,

So he went away,

To the other side where females gazed at him with eyes wide,

Fueled his ego and boosted his pride,

Treated him like a king,

They denied him nothing,

Freely gave anything he desired,

His choices were numerous and his mind inspired,

He thought he couldn’t get enough,

Until he’d had enough,

Realized that even though we made it tough,

It was because there was a diamond in the rough, not just dust,

So he coughed up some cash and swallowed his pride,

Chartered the next ride back to the motherland,

And when he came home he said to me

Yes you African women make me dizzy

You have another kind of effizy

But over there they give it up too easy,

Yes I missed the fronting of my naija baby,

Who would diss me before she’d kiss me,

Tease me before she’d please me,

Who was untamable but still true to me,

I wouldn’t wish you to be anything other than you are,

My beautiful untainted Nigerian star,

I laughed, and started to walk away,

And he followed after me saying,

You, you wind your waist to entice me,

Move your hips to distract me,

And when I begin to dance to your rhythm,

You act like you despise me,

But, I like your Shakara.

Copyright ©2009 Chinwe Arinze

Painting featured in the audio clip done by Julia Hawkins


As I promised, today I'm featuring Zazzu...
She's like a younger sister but it's easy to connect with her because her writng is wise beyond its years...

When I told her I wanted to feature her on my blog she said "Yes go on my page and chose any piece you like"... except, she wasn't expecting this twist.

Zazzu I found this piece that you wrote for your college newspaper and I just fell in love with it....


We're too busy talking about sexism

And how our lexicon and society is asymmetric

Then we forget about ‘it’

We treat ‘it’ like nothing

Yet without it we would be nothing

‘It’ is an essential part of our speech

Of our lives

Agreeably ‘it’ is a bit ambiguous

But ambiguity is necessary on many an occasion

Without ‘it’ how could you shout “did you do it?” on a crowded train

And not worry that everyone would know what you’re talking about

How could you sit in a bus beside the two noisy teenage girls

And pretend not to understand what they were talking about

If not for the ambiguity of ‘it’

‘It’ is everything

Show ‘it’ some more kindness

‘It’ is your dog

‘It’ is your illness

‘It’ is how you’re feeling

‘It’ is more than just a pronoun

And when you’re dead and buried

‘It’ is what you will become

Copyright ©2009 zazzu

Visit Zazzu's blog at