Sunday, May 31, 2009

Procrastination must be a sin!

So I'm sitting on my bed, trying to do work {facebooking}, when my girl friend decides "Hey lets go out." We had planned to go to the African Student Association's 'Gala Night' - I love the random names Africans give events {but thats a whole 'nother blog} - but I bailed cuz I needed to get work done. I asked her to come over though, so I could do her hair and make-up and get her ready to go!
Now, I'm not sure how from dressing her up we moved to dressing me up. And I'm really not sure how I ended up walking with her to the GB hall for the event, or going to the after party. But I'm glad I went, girl is mad fun to chill with. We met up with a few other friends and had a ball!

Sunday morning. Two business presentations to prepare, creative writing portfolio to edit, fashion writing article to get done, Business stat quiz and regressional stat assignment to do, and I'm way behind on my Bible readings! *sigh*

If I could rewind time, would I have stayed home last night? Probably not!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


So I’m not a believer in luck, I’m more of a destiny person. However, if there is any such thing as luck I guess I got an overdose of it yesterday. First off, Barcelona beat Manchester United! Not that I have anything against the team, I actually think they’re pretty awesome on the pitch; even though I’m an unshakeable Gunner, and yes our trophy cupboard is currently bare, so sue Wenger! But Man.U and their fans were getting a bit cocky; it was about time they were reminded that they aren't invincible. Plus I’m also a Barca fan when Arsenal isn’t playing, I can love two teams right?

But that was just the beginning. The L.A. Lakers when on to beat the Nuggets in the 5th game of the western conference finals last night. I love the Lakers, and every minute of the game I watched last night reminded me why. Am I the only one who gets a mad rush of adrenaline every time a player touches the rim?

Lastly, I got an A+ on my most recent article for style and the media class! An A+! Now I know this sounds like I’m getting excited over nothing, A+’s should be a regular occurrence. But not in my fashion writing class. For the first five weeks of the course not a single person got a grade higher than a B+. It got so frustrating that we finally had to ask the professor “What do you want from us!?” {But not in those words exactly}. She simply said – in a very Meryl Streep from the Devil Wears Prada manner- “I don’t know exactly. When I see an A, I’ll know.” Now as you can imagine it’s extremely hard to get a good grade in any class when you don’t know what the professor wants. But I must have figured out the secret, because since week six {and we’re currently in week nine of a ten week term} I’ve gotten A’s, but never an A+. My article on the current double standard of beauty and perfection must have impressed her, because she thought to add a plus to my A {puns very intended}.

Needless to say… I am Happy.

However, I still don't believe in luck.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Le Debut!

So what's the point of having a blog if you're too scared to write anything? I created this blog a couple of weeks ago, intending to fill it with all sorts of whimsically fantastic everythings, and until today I had.. nothing. BUT that is all about to change!

Yes I finally joined the "everyone must have a say" community, where the world wide web has given us the freedom {and templates} to rant and rave about anything under the sun {and the sun itself}. From celebrities to selectively bred poodles, there is a blog for anything you can think of, and even some things you can't.

I hear these blog things usually have themes, but I like do things a little differently, so my theme is "Random". This is totally convenient for me, because for those out there who know me {reffering specifically to the one and only person following my blog at the moment}, I tend to be slighty unpredictable. I shall be exhaling from the point of view of a not so teenage slightly reluctant adult on a variety of 'stuff'; from writing, to fashion, to photography, to faith, friendship, and trying to figure out what growing up really means.

Feel free to follow me on this journey to wherever we end up!
Welcome to my blog ;)