Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Le Debut!

So what's the point of having a blog if you're too scared to write anything? I created this blog a couple of weeks ago, intending to fill it with all sorts of whimsically fantastic everythings, and until today I had.. nothing. BUT that is all about to change!

Yes I finally joined the "everyone must have a say" community, where the world wide web has given us the freedom {and templates} to rant and rave about anything under the sun {and the sun itself}. From celebrities to selectively bred poodles, there is a blog for anything you can think of, and even some things you can't.

I hear these blog things usually have themes, but I like do things a little differently, so my theme is "Random". This is totally convenient for me, because for those out there who know me {reffering specifically to the one and only person following my blog at the moment}, I tend to be slighty unpredictable. I shall be exhaling from the point of view of a not so teenage slightly reluctant adult on a variety of 'stuff'; from writing, to fashion, to photography, to faith, friendship, and trying to figure out what growing up really means.

Feel free to follow me on this journey to wherever we end up!
Welcome to my blog ;)

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