Sunday, May 31, 2009

Procrastination must be a sin!

So I'm sitting on my bed, trying to do work {facebooking}, when my girl friend decides "Hey lets go out." We had planned to go to the African Student Association's 'Gala Night' - I love the random names Africans give events {but thats a whole 'nother blog} - but I bailed cuz I needed to get work done. I asked her to come over though, so I could do her hair and make-up and get her ready to go!
Now, I'm not sure how from dressing her up we moved to dressing me up. And I'm really not sure how I ended up walking with her to the GB hall for the event, or going to the after party. But I'm glad I went, girl is mad fun to chill with. We met up with a few other friends and had a ball!

Sunday morning. Two business presentations to prepare, creative writing portfolio to edit, fashion writing article to get done, Business stat quiz and regressional stat assignment to do, and I'm way behind on my Bible readings! *sigh*

If I could rewind time, would I have stayed home last night? Probably not!


  1. damn shortys is hot!

  2. Anonymous person, I know who you are! lol

  3. Yes oh shorty is hot indeed!

  4. Blue dress is popping..
    Knowing the fun you had.. I doubt you'd have done any different..