Wednesday, June 24, 2009

No one will notice

I’ve watched the men who lead, governed by greed,

Abandon their pledge, to be ‘faithful, loyal and honest’,

They use thirty percent and stuff the rest in their pockets,

Thinking no one will notice.

I’ve seen officials slip envelopes under the carpets,

Waiting for their backs to be scratched, and their palms to be greased,

Asking for their selfish appetites to be appeased,

Before you are pleased,

Thinking no one will notice.

Those men in uniform,

Who serve and protect by daylight,

But by cover of the night they fight to possess the product of your soil,

The fruit of your toil,

Thinking no one will notice.

How I hate that I am married to that soil,

For better or for worse,

Through diplomacy or by force,

Through the color of my skin,

So to escape the skin that I’m in I get on a tin bird and fly away,

I run like a wife from a violent husband,

Knowing she will never be at home in another man’s land,

But who cannot sustain more abuse from the same man’s hand,

As each slap drives the dreams and hopes from her,

As he stands and watches her suffer,

Thinking no one will notice.

But like a veteran plagued with bad dreams,

I still hear the voices of the innocent in my sleep,

I hear them calling from the deep parts of broken hearts,

I hear them wail about how truth and justice fail,

And the wicked prevail,

Crying out from an inescapable jail,

Thinking no one will notice.

Copyright ©2009 Chinwe Arinze


  1. <3 back at you anonymous! :)

    Luff you Burrafly! ;)

  2. Lovely writing style...
    Roc will be back..

  3. Thank you, thank you :)
    You're welcome back anytime.