Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Sa’ada wasn’t getting much work done today, if any…

She was too excited, her heart in her throat and her mind a complete mess…

Prince Ali was returning today.

Sa’ada and Ali had grown up together, very unaware of their difference in social status…

He was the son of the King, and she was the daughter of the chief chambermaid of the palace…

And yet against numerous odds, they had fallen in love.

As children they had traded meaningless gifts and secrets…

And in their teenage years they had traded heartfelt gifts and kisses…

And at seventeen, they had exchanged promises to each other, to keep the others heart forever, and care for it like it was their own, as Ali went off to the summer castle to begin his four year schooling on the duties of royalty.

Sa’ada had waited patiently and sometimes anxiously for four years…

In that time she had become more beautiful than in the days of her youth, with her olive tone skin and her back length cascading dark curls making her emerald green eyes, once unusual in her childhood days, the most gorgeous set of eyes to gaze upon now.

As the chief chambermaids daughter she had been educated with the ladies of the court in art, math, writing, and languages. So not only was she beautiful, she was intelligent also.

Her mother however constantly reminded her never to forget her place, and that even though she was to be appointed one of the ladies of the princess of the palace, she still wasn’t worthy of the prince. These were hard words for a mother to utter to her child, as mothers would rather encourage their children to dream. But Sa’ada’s mother did not have the strength to watch her child’s heart break, and so she knew it was necessary to remind her of the true situation at all times, even though Sa’ada was hearing none of it.

Time and time again, she would remind her mother of the promise the prince had made her, and the one she’d made him in return. Certain of the fact that once he came back they would carry on their romance like he’d never left. And even though his letters had dwindled in number over the past four years, and stopped coming after the third, she knew it was because he had other pressing matters to attend to, and not because his love for her had changed in the slightest.

The royal trumpets sounded, the prince was in sight. Sa’ada was a vision to behold, and from the outside her nerves were invisible, but on the inside butterflies in her tummy danced to the tune the trumpet played…


  1. Promises made at seventeen, eh..

    Innocence is bliss..

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  3. Never allow your heart to be the guarantee behind a promise...

    Ah thanx, worked like a charm.

  4. I love it !
    the rest of it pls ??