Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hervé Léger vs. Hervé L. Leroux….

…. funny story, they were once one and the same under the last name Léger.

That was till September 1998, when renowned designer Max Azria purchased the company Hervé Léger from, guess who, Hervé Léger… and bought the rights to the name as well. Hervé then changed his last name to Leroux.

Curious as to the where about of the former hairdresser, hat maker, and free lance accessory designer {who worked for people such as Daniel Swarovski and Charles Jourdan}; I did a little internet stalking of Monsieur Hervé….

Turns out Mr Bandage Dress is still very much around, and still designs dynamic dresses, but with a different kind of class. Still sexy, still Hervé, but with a different direction than Léger.

{Pictures from the Hervé Leroux Coture collection}

Now Max Azria's Hervé Léger collections still embody the vision of the bandage dress to perfection, but I wonder who's vision I prefer, the orginal Léger, or Max's Léger...

These are a few dresses from the Hervé Léger Spring Collection {because I prefer it to the fw09 line} ...

{Pictures from Style.com}

I think I'm in love with both Léger et Leroux.

On to another Hervé issue. My eyes stumbled upon this gorgeousness as I was going through the S09 collection...

Just as I was thinking {for a humorous second} about breaking my piggy bank and selling my kidney to maybe possibly purchase it.. I took a look at the price and almost laughed out loud in the middle of my marketing lecture.

And the price was.. wait for it.. brace yourself ... $7250!

Now even if I had $10,000 at my disposal, not considering the current recession, would I spend $7250 on a dress?

Would you?


  1. Beautiful dresses! I love it when they hug the curves! I wouldnt spend that much on a gown, I have this itch to start sowing and making my own clothes. With that skill, I could stand out in my own designs and also recreate some of this gorgeousness for myself and for cheap!:P

  2. I only just saw this same dress on that Meagan Fox girl on Perez Hilton five minutes ago..

    But.. $7,250?!

  3. >> Retromus-ik
    Gorgeous aren't they!
    I had that itch last year, and I went out and got a sewing machine. It's so fulfilling to wear something you created, and it's cost effective too! Do it! :)

    >> Roc
    Please refrain from almost giving me panic attacks, lol... I had to go to Perez Hilton *cringe* just to make sure it wasn't the same dress! I am not a fan of Miss Fox. I can see why they'd look similar, but no, they are very different *exhales*...

    Yeah the price is ridiculous!

  4. Leroux, bien sur!

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