Monday, July 6, 2009

A Thousand Miles...

I lost myself when I abandoned my writing,

Became consumed with scene, location, timing,

Critique took the lime light, and truth left the stage,

How could a thousand words create an empty page,

Then I sat and listened to him speak,

For all of three minutes his words were my high,

Impressed by his flow, damn, he didn’t even try,

So I decided I would let the words screw me, use me, better yet abuse me,

I thought I was the star, but the truth is I’m the groupie,

They said to me you can only write what you know,

So I decided to let the words flow,


Line after line they flowed out, unstoppable,

Because every word creates a new story, between every line a different allegory,

You think you understood that last line, read again, the new meaning hits you harder than a train,

You though you got it that time still, look again,

I’ve given this paper every reason to be vain,

I’ve given up trying to contain, the flow that threatened to drive me insane,

I stopped trying to be a rapper, now I’m a sentence designer,

Lyrical cartographer,

What’s the purpose of my words you ask, new truth,

To shed flood lights on my stolen youth,

To let the pain unfold like a flower,

Even though I remain unbreakable, a tower,

My aim is to shower your ears with new truth,

Undo the me that I used to see,

Allow myself to be what the words make me,

Allow the truth to take control of me,

Allow my writing to deliver me,

From the darkness that enveloped my mind,

To the darkness that promises to be kind,

To the other type of darkness that promises the light,

The one I can’t fight, the light is in sight,

And as I navigate my way through labyrinth of truth,

In hopes that I find my way to my stolen youth,

I pray that as the day turn into night,

I find the strength to give up, and fight.

Copyright ©2009 Chinwe Arinze


  1. This was pretty great! " I’m a sentence designer"--that, you are! Nicely put.

  2. i really liked this, you should do an audio clip reciting this and put it up here!! good job GOMT ;)

  3. >> Burramint
    You know the thought actually crossed my mind!!! But I think I'm shy, lol.
    I like that you like it! Muchos Gracias!

  4. This is so beautiful, so true...