Saturday, July 11, 2009


I stared out of the window and watched the scenery whizz by….

Like the car was still, and it was the earth moving past us..

Houses, cars, trees, people… people… city people..

A thought crept into my head and I giggled….

“Daddy, I have a theory, that people who live in the hood are actually from Lagos, and that in the next one hundred years Lagos will be the new Camden,” I paused, “I should call it the evolutionary theory of Lagotianism.”

My dad chuckled. Long drives with my dad are always fun, they create a forum for random conversation.

“You don’t need ten years,” He said, “have you ever been to Ajegunle?”

I smiled, knowing where this was going..

“You children just saw the good side of life, the sweet side of Nigeria. You need to be thankful that you never suffered.” My dad stared at the road ahead but it was obvious his mind was in a memory formed across the Atlantic.

I had had conversations with my dad about Nigeria millions of times, once or twice I’d tried to argue that Nigeria wasn’t that bad, and he had countered my arguments with personal storys that left me wide-eyed and converted to his view, at once. I knew now to just listen, and laugh.

“In fact that Ajegunle, I used to pass through it to get from the mainland to the Island to go to work. After a few time’s I knew it wasn’t worth it. How can one’s heart be in your throat every time you’re driving somewhere?

Ajegunle, Okokomiko… Okokomiko? Where did those names even come from? Who sat down and came up with Okokomiko.. Mile 12?”

I laughed as I stared over the bridge at the water below, we were leaving Philly finally, hitting the highway. I relaxed into my seat.

“There was one day I was driving home, and it rained, heavily!” My dad shook his head. “The rain flooded the streets, and came right into the car up to here!” He motioned his hand slightly above his seat.

“The sky was dark like it was judgment day, then the car engine stalled.”

I was held captive by the story, my mind drawing pictures of a scene I’d never seen.

“Look at cars, wading through the water like boats, making waves.” He laughed, his sense of humor being very mischievous. “Next thing you know, a car was moving, and it just disappeared.”

I raised an eyebrow, then burst out laughing.

“Ah, it’s funny now but it wasn’t funny o. A whole car just sank under the flood! There must have been a hole in the road, everyone was so confused.”

I could see the picture clearly in my mind; murky water, crowded lagosian street, dark sky above, perfect setting for confusion.

“But the worst one was the man that fell into an open manhole! He was just wading through the water, and next thing you know he sinks under! Just disappears…”

I was about to laugh until my dad says “… and he didn’t come back up.”

The mood in the car was altered.

“If they could invent a machine to erase certain memories…” He stared ahead, lost in thought again.

Then he brought out the Tomtom, licks the suction {a habit that irks me J }, and pastes it on the windshield, as he took the wrong exit unpurpose with a crazy excited gleam in his eye. We were going on an adventure.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, my dad loves to drive. Especially on roads he doesn’t know. J

The landscape was gorgeous, the day was beautiful.

My dad makes everyday count.

I plan to do the same.


  1. Wow! These pictures are amazing! You`re a great photographer. And your dad`s stories are very captivating; I`m glad you guys are close!

  2. Pink House! Yeeek...very erm fascinating..
    Pickies are awesome! Great ending :(:

  3. so.. er.. you shelled! lol.. you know i love you!

  4. >> Retromus-ik
    Thank you! The pics are great because the landscape is inspiring!
    Yes my dad rocks! :)

    >> Sid
    It's someones tool shed, one of those houses in the middle of the woods, candy pink too, lol. I just had to get it!
    Thanx! =P

    >> Atina
    You know how fast I type, instead of you to whisper such things to a sister in secret. Lol.. silly goose! {Plus I can't find no typo!}

  5. Babylet, I actually feel like I went on dt trip wiv u...u're a fantabulous story teller! [not too shabby wiv d photography too :P]

  6. Okokomiko - hehehe

    This is Nkiru btw

  7. Fathers rock...
    Luvin' the pics..

  8. >> Nkiru
    I know right, lol

    >> Roc
    Gotta agree with you there..
    Thanx :)