Monday, August 31, 2009

You've got a friend in me!

I did eveything possible to avoid sounding too loud...
But I kinda have a strong voice... *shrugs*

PS: My friend says when I say friend in me it sounds like 'frenemy'... hehe

Saturday, August 29, 2009



Lets play a game of race

Lets retrace the steps of our ancestry,

Back to who we used to be before the white man dethroned us from our place,

And when I say white I don’t mean it racially, no not yet,

I mean the wicked white that comes from within,

And we thought black was the bad color,

Now stand corrected as I tell you how they took our pride

Forced royalty to run and hide,

Forced families to divide but,

We can’t blame the other forever

Because we too sold our brothers

Children betrayed the land of their fathers

And mothers cried bloody murder

What a disgrace,

Yes you black man with wicked white on the inside

You stood and watched as women cried,

And hope died,

You sowed seeds of greed

Centuries later I wish you could see the effect,

How your children struggle to reconnect with society,

Yes sit back as I deal the cards of blame,

Double dealing because I too feel the shame,

Because you share the same color that is my claim to fame,

Yes you even share the name that they chose for us,


Do I look black to you?

My skin is a million different shades,

Honey, amber, ebony, and you call me black?

I guess that’s why you’re white to me,

Yes you white man now I’m talking racially,

I wouldn’t call my bluff because

The anger within me has been fueled by stories I’ve heard

Carted off in ships like cargo,

Packed together like a deck of cards,

No wonder there were so many dead bodies when your cargo ships reached the other side,

And you have the nerve to call us less,

Do I look less to you?

Ancient pyramids,

Lands abundant with yellow gold, black gold

Lands lush with green gold,

So much that you were green with envy,

Had to try to chain me,

Attempt to degrade me,

But wait, watch as we rebuild,

Yes Camden and Harlem are only temporary,

Jails of your own choosing,

But I’m here to explain to you black man that you can choose to lose those chains,

Break those binds that hold captive your minds,

Show them that we are not black,

We are brown skinned kings and queens and we’re making a comeback.

Copyright ©2009 Chinwe Arinze

Neighbor Boy

Neighbor Boy

Ok so to my females out there,

You know when you sight a fellow and you’re certain he broke the mold,

You assume his perfume was put together by angels,

So as you walk past him you clear your lungs of everything but oxygen,

And then when you catch a whiff you cease to breathe,

Just so you can keep a bit of him till nature forces you exhale,

Like, knocks the wind out of you till you choke out the scent you were saving,

Well, I saw one of those the other day,

Wow, was the only word that came to mind,

The way dude was designed it took effort not to whip out my phone and take a picture

Even though I was sure that my brain captured the image I mean,

Now I understand what takes place within a camera before you hear the *click*

How all the parts work together, like my nerves suddenly remembered to exist,

The way my blood rushed and my face flushed; if I were lighter he would have seen me blush,

As I thought to myself, he’s a potential crush,

But thou must not lust.

He came out of the house next to mine, and even though my class the next day was at nine,

I knew I’d have to resume my routine of running at seven,

But on Monday he didn’t come out till eleven,

So I had to change my plan.

Tuesday morning bright and early, I found the heaviest books I could carry,

You’d have thought my major was psychology,

And I waited till we got to my intersection then I happened to trip and fall in his direction,

Scattering my life all over the ground,

Did he even turn round to glance? Not a chance.

No worries I’m a trooper, by Wednesday I’d regrouped,

Decided not to stoop too low, I’d just go my way,

But that day, on his shirt was the name of my favorite band,

And the economics of courtesy demands that you pay a compliment where it’s due,

Which propelled me to yell across “you rock”

But he didn’t even stop.

So Thursday came round and my neighbor was going out of town,

She asked if I would watch and walk her dog,

And even though the furball makes me sneeze, I decided to please my curious desire,

To run into the good looking stranger,

But he seemed to be particularly in a hurry, rushing quickly as he walked by me,

And much as I wanted to give up,

On Friday I had to say something,

So when he was moving past,

I increased my speed from slow walk to fast,

This was my chance at last and I wouldn’t let it pass

I said to him,

On Tuesday I dropped my books

Wednesday I complimented your looks

Thursday I’m allergic but I took my neighbor’s dog for a walk,

Just so somehow we could talk,

None of this seemed to get your attention so I feel the need to mention,

That I’m slightly offended,

Even though I never intended for this to become an obsession,

In this time of a hot male recession,

You’ve been my inspiration to step up my game,

Can I at least get your name?

He laughed angelically as he began to explain,

On Tuesday the construction across the street was so loud

When you dropped your books I didn’t hear a thing,

And Wednesday, almost the same reason except

This time it was cuz my headphones were in,

I was listening to the band on my shirt, but I did notice your hot army green skirt,

And Thursday I would have stopped to say hi but I’m allergic to dogs too,

And every other season, however that was the reason I couldn’t tell you,

I’ve been meaning to drop by, but I’m kinda shy,

My names Dave by the way, do you have plans later today?

Mentally I had cleared my schedule; however reason implored me to front a little,

So I said “Yes actually, later I’m busy, but did you know tomorrow our favorite bands playing live in the city?”

And he said “You know magically, I’ve got two tickets actually, would you like to go with me?”

Does it take a genius to guess, my answer was yes!

Copyright ©2009 Chinwe Arinze

Friday, August 28, 2009

Why won't you argue with me?

Why won't you argue with me?

So I called him last night,

Just to start something

But he wouldn’t take the bait,

So I decided to wait till he made the mistake of

Making a vague expression that I could read rubbish into,

Like, “I wonder what you’re up to”

Then I would respond with “why do you always think I’m trying to start something”

But to my dismay he replied with an “Ok. Alright. You’re right”

And I was frustrated because I wanted him to fight,

Because I wanted him to care so I could share the emotion that was tearing me apart,

Like why did we ever start?

Why begin a road trip with an empty tank,

Why borrow money from a failing bank,

Why did you let me in, knowing I would begin to fall in love with the person that you are?

Why are you so far away?

And every time you’re about to hang up why do I make you stay?

Why do I want you so much?

Why do I feel like the more we talk the more we lose touch of the things that brought us together in the first place?

You know I would if could right?

If there was an ocean between us I would part it and walk barefoot miles across the ocean bed just to be with you,

I would sprout wings and get over my fear of height and anxiety of flight just to touch you,

Why won’t you argue with me?

Can’t you see it’s the only way I feel I have left to reach you,

To rattle your senses so that as you battle me you break my defenses,

So my heart never fails to pause every time I hear your voice,

Why can’t I have you?

Heart, Mind, body, and soul,

Why can’t I have total control of you, me, and us,

Why won’t you argue with me?

Copyright ©2009 Chinwe Arinze

Picture featured in the audio clip designed by ME :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009



He says I wind my waist to entice him,

Move my hips to distract him,

And when he begins to dance to my rhythm,

I act like I despise him,

“What is the meaning of your Shakara?”

I’ve got brown eyes, brown skin, like a nubian queen,

Long limbs that can reach and teach your proud heart to be patient,

Yes I know I’m worth the chase so we’re doing this at my pace,

You have to jump hurdles before your lips touch my face,

Go look around and see if any female can imitate the grace of an African woman,

So he went away,

To the other side where females gazed at him with eyes wide,

Fueled his ego and boosted his pride,

Treated him like a king,

They denied him nothing,

Freely gave anything he desired,

His choices were numerous and his mind inspired,

He thought he couldn’t get enough,

Until he’d had enough,

Realized that even though we made it tough,

It was because there was a diamond in the rough, not just dust,

So he coughed up some cash and swallowed his pride,

Chartered the next ride back to the motherland,

And when he came home he said to me

Yes you African women make me dizzy

You have another kind of effizy

But over there they give it up too easy,

Yes I missed the fronting of my naija baby,

Who would diss me before she’d kiss me,

Tease me before she’d please me,

Who was untamable but still true to me,

I wouldn’t wish you to be anything other than you are,

My beautiful untainted Nigerian star,

I laughed, and started to walk away,

And he followed after me saying,

You, you wind your waist to entice me,

Move your hips to distract me,

And when I begin to dance to your rhythm,

You act like you despise me,

But, I like your Shakara.

Copyright ©2009 Chinwe Arinze

Painting featured in the audio clip done by Julia Hawkins


As I promised, today I'm featuring Zazzu...
She's like a younger sister but it's easy to connect with her because her writng is wise beyond its years...

When I told her I wanted to feature her on my blog she said "Yes go on my page and chose any piece you like"... except, she wasn't expecting this twist.

Zazzu I found this piece that you wrote for your college newspaper and I just fell in love with it....


We're too busy talking about sexism

And how our lexicon and society is asymmetric

Then we forget about ‘it’

We treat ‘it’ like nothing

Yet without it we would be nothing

‘It’ is an essential part of our speech

Of our lives

Agreeably ‘it’ is a bit ambiguous

But ambiguity is necessary on many an occasion

Without ‘it’ how could you shout “did you do it?” on a crowded train

And not worry that everyone would know what you’re talking about

How could you sit in a bus beside the two noisy teenage girls

And pretend not to understand what they were talking about

If not for the ambiguity of ‘it’

‘It’ is everything

Show ‘it’ some more kindness

‘It’ is your dog

‘It’ is your illness

‘It’ is how you’re feeling

‘It’ is more than just a pronoun

And when you’re dead and buried

‘It’ is what you will become

Copyright ©2009 zazzu

Visit Zazzu's blog at

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What if?

So I've decided to try a different method of blogging my poetry...
Audio blogging...
I experimented with it in my previous post, but I also included the written copy...
This is slightly different because here there's no written copy...
Included in this post is an audio clip of me reciting my latest piece "What if"
Please feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think of the piece {and the recitation} ...

Copyright ©2009 Chinwe Arinze

Tomorrow I'll be featuring a piece by my very talented friend, Zazzu...
I love her work, and her thoughts, and her truth, and I suggest you check her out when I post her link... :)

Who am I

As these tears run down my face,

I struggle to find meaning, to realize my place,

To recognize purpose in a seemingly purposeless existence,

Who, what, why?

How do I avoid becoming a cog in the wheel,

In this world where you must trade your passion,

To allow yourself to be fashioned, and molded by other peoples ideas,

Limited by other people’s fears,

Labeled as weak because your eyes produce tears,

Who am I?

I’ve let my persona be determined by another,

Afraid to love because love is unsure,

Afraid to live because who does that anymore,

We don’t live,

We leave behind the dreams that once made us fly,

I remember getting high on the prospect of endless possibilities,

Now I sit and cry, as I wonder,

Who am I?

Copyright ©2009 Chinwe Arinze

Friday, August 21, 2009


Boy meets girl,

Boy likes girl,

But it’s always complicated,

He calls, she texts,

One date, what’s next,

Love? Sex?

Boy likes girl, but he doesn’t know,

She’s meeting up with his best friend after the show,

When she says she has to go,

Except they never said they were exclusive,

So when he finds out she has a thousand excuses,

Boy loves girl,

But he’s afraid to say it first,

So he just flirts, hints, laughs, winks,

Allows her to think he wants nothing more

Than a hug or a kiss,

But he wants it all,

Boy lets go,

Of what could have been the greatest love of his life,

But he’ll never know,

Because he was to scared that she’d say no.
Copyright ©2009 Chinwe Arinze

Monday, August 17, 2009

Quite the story..

My friend Burramint has a blog..

My friend Burramint has an amazing blog...

An amazing blog that I love to read, because for those few minutes I'm absorbed in the lives of the characters in the tale Burramint and her friend Dragonfly are narrating.

Do yourself a favor and check it out :)

Friday, August 14, 2009


He looked at me...
Like I was a queen...
Like I was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen...

He touched me....
Like I was made of glass..
But handled me like I was unbreakable...

He kissed me...
Like he'd never stop...
Then I woke up...

It was just a dream...

Copyright ©2009 Chinwe Arinze

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Blue Jeans...

No this is not a blog about some new fashion trend...
It's a song...
iTunes didn't give Jessie James a very kind review...
Calling her an Aguilera wanna be...
Perhaps it was an honest review, however...
I still like this song...
Cuz it's got attitude...
And I've got attitude ;)

So my baby sisters are coming to visit...
And interest has been expressed in my 'Fountain Plan'...
Will the deed be done on the 'morrow?
Stay tuned, lol...

The Fountain at night... Cool huh?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Meteor Shower

So for all of you who love star gazing, just because the stars are gorgeous...
And for all of you who love star gazing AND are in North America...
There's a meteor shower tonight...

For more details click the link below...

I've been away because I've got an exam tomorrow...
But after tomorrow I shall be back, and I shall blog unstoppably...
Till my next exam :)...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I couldn't help but..

Fall in love with this song!!!
I wanna dance to it too....
Yes Mr. BasicComplexity, I stole it from you... bite me *wink*

To all of you who just don't get it...

Now, I kinda think Taylor Swift has the tendency to come off as 'stalkerish' in her songs..
This song goes out to all you guys {and females}, who spend ages looking for something {someone} that's right in front of you...
Get a clue! ;)
Just don't go saying 'I love you' to your neighbor and claiming I told you to!
And isn't the Hannah Montana guy kinda good looking? Teehee..
{Listen okay I have baby sister, don't judge me!}

By the way, the whole 'captain of the football team' and
'cheerleader' cliche relationship is so America...
It's kinda sad..
You watch it on TV and think "no-one really thinks like this" right?
However.. American kids do!
This I know cuz of the stories my high school sister tells me...
Can that bit of history stop repeating itself...

And this doesn't only apply to American high-schoolers...
It applys to people who support only intra-tribal/national/racial dating..
Can you not be ignorant? Expand your friggin horizons..
You never know what/who you'll meet...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kitty love.. amongst other things...

So.. Tangerine {thats what I call her}.. appeared from nowhere a couple of weeks ago...
She sits on the stone wall of some apartment next to the Sev...
Tangerine gets a ton of love from passersby...
So much love that she has now come to expect it...


Well I said to myself, "I will not love Tangerine. I will not pet her. I will walk past her."
Especially since I have no clue who she belongs to, or where she's from... and I certainly don't want any kitty germs...

But on my way home today, I stopped to take a picture of Tange so I could blog about her...
With love :)

She decided to lie on my foot, and then roll over for a tummy rub.
Quite the demanding kitty.

So I petted her, and rubbed her tummy, and scratched her back...
Until along came a skater boi... and he scared her back unto the wall with his loud WOOSHing noise...

Scaredy cat :)

On to other things...
I still haven't run through the fountain like I said I would this summer..
And summers almost over...

Le Quad

I guess I don't want to do it alone...
I mean, chances of my getting carted off by public safety are greatly reduced if I do it with other people...
Even though I'm sure the public safety guys would let me get away with anything ;) ...
Plus, its always more fun to do crazy stuff with a crowd {my 'crowd' being 2 or 3 people}...
But I must run through the fountain before fall.. I simply must!
Who's with me?

Now how did my finger get in there?

I took these shots with my phone...
I yearn to hold a real camera... it's been too long!
After the exams perphaps.


Young healthy good-looking male...
Preferably between the ages of 23-27
Nationality: No preferences, but part Nigerian would be nice
Occupation/Future occupation: Aviation {Cuz I adore aviation and I don't want him around all that time} /Medecine {cuz I have a thing for white labcoats} / Design (Artist) {no design preference, just have a degree in that ish and plan to earn a living} / Architecture {build me my dream house} /Law {cuz I love to debate for fun} ...

Physical Characteristics:
Height: 5'11 - 6'4 {preferably}
Weight: Err.. dunno.. fit, toned muscles *shrugs*
Hair color: Should complement eye color
Eye color: Should complement hair color

Amazing sense of humor {cuz everything cracks me up}...
More of that amazing sense of humor {cuz sometimes I take myself too seriously}...
Ability to seperate the argument from the person...
Patience, a TON of it {I'm troublesome}...
Well spoken {Queens English preferably, throw in a brit or aussie accent too if its real}...
Should speak another language apart from QUEENS English {French, Spanish, Italian... Latin?}...
Love adventure {I plan to sky dive some day/chase a tornado/scuba dive}...
Educated, not just literate...
Appreciate {LOVE} art...
Must have a valid hobby {watching TV? Doesn't count!}...
Should enjoy/watch/play soccer...
Must love video games but not be addicted to them...
Play an instrument {prefereably drums/guitar/violin ... vocals work too}...
Be extremely witty, and catch on fast {cuz I have an attitude and can be sarcastic}...
Must love dogs :P {and cats, and rabbits, and most animals except birds.. I mean you can like birds, just don't keep any as pets, unless its a canary in a cage}...
Must love the beach/beach houses..
Must be able to swim {cuz I can't}
Must love sea food!
Should enjoy travel...
Should be competitive but not jealous...

Job description:
Friend with benefits. Applicants will be required to have lengthy phone conversations every so often, and enjoy sending emails. Must be physically present most of the year. Will be required to go on random adventures, dance in the rain, snuggle up and watch good movies during thunderstorms/winter. Applicants must be financially stable and HIGHLY ambitious. Must not expect any formal commitment, not looking for a boyfriend or a life partner. Must LOVE hanging out with me {but that won't be an issue ;) }. Applicants must not have any female drama, baby mamas, criminal record. Must not smoke! Must be.. chill ...

Thats all :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pet Peeve

Okay, this might sound slightly ridiculous...
But I hate it when I have a particular seat in a small lecture hall..
And some wise guy decides to randomly sit there one day!

Six weeks... I've been in this information sytems class for six weeks...
I chose my seat particulaly because it's close to an outlet, so I can charge my laptop while viewing the slides on there {or reading blogs} because it's more convenient for me, since I wear glasses and would rather not stare at the overhead screen for three hours....

So explain to me why in week seven, home boy {white boy, and no I have no issues with race} decides to move a seat over, into MY seat {yes it has my name on it}... just to sit next to miss 'I need to choke up the whole class with my eau de cigarette smoke' [another pet peeve]...
Yes I know you two have been all buddy-buddy since the exam last week.... however, did it occur to you, sir, that I chose that seat for a reason!?

They went out during the break...

And so, in the middle of the lecture, I have to get up, walk round the table, cross over Miss Cigs too short mac laptop charger {which has such a big power box it covers her outlet and the one I would have used},disconnect one of the school systems, feel for the outlet that I can't see behind the panel and plug in my cable, cross over her cable again, and then get back into my seat...
Making me the focus of the class for almost three minutes....

Like... really?

Thanks guys, thank you both...

On a more cheerful note... the moon is gorgeous tonight...
Wish I had my dads camera so I could capture the gorgeousness :)
And for some reason I feel the urge to bring back the word 'Daddio'..
Perphaps it's because of my fro that will soon be able to compete with foxy cleopatras...
Or the fact that my friend nicknamed me Retro...

Oh.. and I was thinking back to my primary school days...
And I'm pretty sure I remember a teacher telling the class to "brush before and after each meal"...
Now I think about it almost twelve years later ...
If I brush my teeth after meal one, can someone please tell me why I'm brushing them again before meal two?
Go figure...


So I figured since you like to talk through songs..
This might get through to you...

Yeh maybe I'm a bit too old for crushes...
Or David Archuleta songs...
But he seemed to know exactly what I was thinking...
Or almost...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


So my friend Sam just joined the blog world.. aweshum exciting...
Check out his page.. say hi .. drop luv..
I'm particulary excited about his blog because his mind is just as colourful as the pictures he features...

While waiting outside my Chem professors door for my midterm, I saw this...

Being Nigerian obviously the first thing that caught my attention was "CASH PRIZE"...
However, it might be fun..

On to other things...
Owen Wilson is filiming a movie at my school..
Everyone seems to have run into him except me...
Maybe I need to start jogging round the campus in the evening... :)

Curious Guests

She wasn’t sure what kind of reunion she expected. Obviously the prince wouldn’t get off his horse in the middle of the court and overwhelm her with hugs and kisses, there were certain things even a prince could not get away with, and such a public display of affection with a person he wasn’t betrothed to was unthinkable.

So Sa’ada decided that she would wait for him to send for her, which he would do eventually. But till then she would watch from her window, observe the way the peoples love for their prince remained unaltered even though he’d been away for so long. She would watch and wait for a glimpse of his hair, or his hands, and if he rode close enough to her tower maybe even his eyes. Watch to see how changed he was, and how unchanged he was.

The gates opened and the princes’ entourage made their way into the court. They would consist of the trumpeters, then the dancers, the elephant riders, then the prince on his pure bred Arabian flanked by his lords, and finally the guards who would shut the gates to adoring crowd forbidding them from following their prince into his court.

Horses at the back of my old house. Probably not Arabians :)

An Arabian
Edited by Me

The procession went as Sa’ada expected. Upon her first glance at Ali her heart skipped a beat. His straight shoulder length hair was darker than ever, and even sitting on his horse she could tell that he was taller. His shoulders were broader, making his demeanor more majestic; he was more handsome than he’d been four year ago which would have been impossible to imagine back then. She couldn’t wait to talk to him, or touch him rather; smiling to herself at the thought of the heart of such royalty belonging to her.

Then she noticed another member of the procession that was rather odd, two actually. A royal caravan followed behind the princes’ lords, made of the finest linens and embellished with gold. Sa’ada knew it probably held a guest of Ali’s, but couldn’t figure out who it was. Following the caravan was what seemed to be another prince, with his own entourage. He was devilishly handsome to say the least, and he had this air about him that would make people fearful yet curious, like the ultimate predator. Sa’ada made a mental note to be careful around him.

But she would put them out of her mind for now and continue trying to get a look into Ali’s eyes. Eyes that she would gaze into for the rest of their lives together, what promise the future held. Sa’ada sighed longingly.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

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