Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Curious Guests

She wasn’t sure what kind of reunion she expected. Obviously the prince wouldn’t get off his horse in the middle of the court and overwhelm her with hugs and kisses, there were certain things even a prince could not get away with, and such a public display of affection with a person he wasn’t betrothed to was unthinkable.

So Sa’ada decided that she would wait for him to send for her, which he would do eventually. But till then she would watch from her window, observe the way the peoples love for their prince remained unaltered even though he’d been away for so long. She would watch and wait for a glimpse of his hair, or his hands, and if he rode close enough to her tower maybe even his eyes. Watch to see how changed he was, and how unchanged he was.

The gates opened and the princes’ entourage made their way into the court. They would consist of the trumpeters, then the dancers, the elephant riders, then the prince on his pure bred Arabian flanked by his lords, and finally the guards who would shut the gates to adoring crowd forbidding them from following their prince into his court.

Horses at the back of my old house. Probably not Arabians :)

An Arabian
Edited by Me

The procession went as Sa’ada expected. Upon her first glance at Ali her heart skipped a beat. His straight shoulder length hair was darker than ever, and even sitting on his horse she could tell that he was taller. His shoulders were broader, making his demeanor more majestic; he was more handsome than he’d been four year ago which would have been impossible to imagine back then. She couldn’t wait to talk to him, or touch him rather; smiling to herself at the thought of the heart of such royalty belonging to her.

Then she noticed another member of the procession that was rather odd, two actually. A royal caravan followed behind the princes’ lords, made of the finest linens and embellished with gold. Sa’ada knew it probably held a guest of Ali’s, but couldn’t figure out who it was. Following the caravan was what seemed to be another prince, with his own entourage. He was devilishly handsome to say the least, and he had this air about him that would make people fearful yet curious, like the ultimate predator. Sa’ada made a mental note to be careful around him.

But she would put them out of her mind for now and continue trying to get a look into Ali’s eyes. Eyes that she would gaze into for the rest of their lives together, what promise the future held. Sa’ada sighed longingly.


  1. LoooL !!!
    i hate how it becomes interestin and then u just stop !
    next part please ...LoL !! :)
    sumthings gonna happen between her nd the devilishly handsome one i hope !

  2. Teehee..
    I'm trying not to make the posts too long, but the next one is one its way...
    About her and the handsome dude... who knows *wink* ..lol

  3. Lol.. Sounds like we're due a sequel..