Wednesday, August 26, 2009


As I promised, today I'm featuring Zazzu...
She's like a younger sister but it's easy to connect with her because her writng is wise beyond its years...

When I told her I wanted to feature her on my blog she said "Yes go on my page and chose any piece you like"... except, she wasn't expecting this twist.

Zazzu I found this piece that you wrote for your college newspaper and I just fell in love with it....


We're too busy talking about sexism

And how our lexicon and society is asymmetric

Then we forget about ‘it’

We treat ‘it’ like nothing

Yet without it we would be nothing

‘It’ is an essential part of our speech

Of our lives

Agreeably ‘it’ is a bit ambiguous

But ambiguity is necessary on many an occasion

Without ‘it’ how could you shout “did you do it?” on a crowded train

And not worry that everyone would know what you’re talking about

How could you sit in a bus beside the two noisy teenage girls

And pretend not to understand what they were talking about

If not for the ambiguity of ‘it’

‘It’ is everything

Show ‘it’ some more kindness

‘It’ is your dog

‘It’ is your illness

‘It’ is how you’re feeling

‘It’ is more than just a pronoun

And when you’re dead and buried

‘It’ is what you will become

Copyright ©2009 zazzu

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  1. Chin CHIN!!! You didn't even let me edit it!!
    So many mistakes...So many mistakes! MAI GAAD!!


    WHERE DID YOU GET THIS??? Was kenzee in on this?

    :DD! Thank youuuuu!!

  2. Sounds like Miss Chin Chin set her friend up.. Lol..
    I'll nip over to her space in a minute..