Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kitty love.. amongst other things...

So.. Tangerine {thats what I call her}.. appeared from nowhere a couple of weeks ago...
She sits on the stone wall of some apartment next to the Sev...
Tangerine gets a ton of love from passersby...
So much love that she has now come to expect it...


Well I said to myself, "I will not love Tangerine. I will not pet her. I will walk past her."
Especially since I have no clue who she belongs to, or where she's from... and I certainly don't want any kitty germs...

But on my way home today, I stopped to take a picture of Tange so I could blog about her...
With love :)

She decided to lie on my foot, and then roll over for a tummy rub.
Quite the demanding kitty.

So I petted her, and rubbed her tummy, and scratched her back...
Until along came a skater boi... and he scared her back unto the wall with his loud WOOSHing noise...

Scaredy cat :)

On to other things...
I still haven't run through the fountain like I said I would this summer..
And summers almost over...

Le Quad

I guess I don't want to do it alone...
I mean, chances of my getting carted off by public safety are greatly reduced if I do it with other people...
Even though I'm sure the public safety guys would let me get away with anything ;) ...
Plus, its always more fun to do crazy stuff with a crowd {my 'crowd' being 2 or 3 people}...
But I must run through the fountain before fall.. I simply must!
Who's with me?

Now how did my finger get in there?

I took these shots with my phone...
I yearn to hold a real camera... it's been too long!
After the exams perphaps.


  1. Just plan on running through it at midnight..
    Noone will notice, trust me ;-)

  2. IM WITH U! lets run through that fountain!!

  3. i can understand o...4 a while i had this cute cat that was all up in my business by force...i fell in love with it but from a distance cuz i dint kno the owner plus pets r not allowed wer i stay..
    sniff sniff..
    i shuld have named her o...wonder y!

    check my blog..E-service coming soon!

  4. think she's demanding, u should meet our cat tucker, he purs so loud for attention you could hear it from a couple feet

    And the fountain, there's nothing wrong with holding off till fall, when you can have someone to run with, first time we did it was in the fall as well, you'll still have Hot days...

  5. >> Roc
    Lol.. midnight would be the perfect time to do such a thing wouldn't it...

    >> May
    You better come visit before I leave the city then! :)

    >> Gee
    Lol, you can still name her, it can be your special name for a kitty past, hehe...
    Checking out your blog a.s.a.p

    >> Sam
    Hmmm... are you offering to run with me?

  6. i wish i hadnt left ur area! i would definitely run with u!! thats just my kinda thing!!
    and the kitty is so cute i had a cat named ginger in naija and one named tigger till last year and i think im going to get one when i get back to school, all tabbys too!! go tangerine!!

  7. What happened to Tigger!!?
    And I wish you were still around too.. that fountain is calling out to me.. *le sigh*

  8. Hello Chinchin, new to your blog. Found you on Retromusik's blog. Nice post. I love cats! And if we were friends and I lived in your area, I would totally run through that fountain. Just saying.

    check my new blog at



  9. Lol! I still haven't done it...
    Thanks for stopping by!
    I'll definitely check out your space :)

  10. sunday at midnight!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :3

  11. Yes yes yes!!!
    Will you really..
    Now I'm excited :3