Saturday, August 29, 2009

Neighbor Boy

Neighbor Boy

Ok so to my females out there,

You know when you sight a fellow and you’re certain he broke the mold,

You assume his perfume was put together by angels,

So as you walk past him you clear your lungs of everything but oxygen,

And then when you catch a whiff you cease to breathe,

Just so you can keep a bit of him till nature forces you exhale,

Like, knocks the wind out of you till you choke out the scent you were saving,

Well, I saw one of those the other day,

Wow, was the only word that came to mind,

The way dude was designed it took effort not to whip out my phone and take a picture

Even though I was sure that my brain captured the image I mean,

Now I understand what takes place within a camera before you hear the *click*

How all the parts work together, like my nerves suddenly remembered to exist,

The way my blood rushed and my face flushed; if I were lighter he would have seen me blush,

As I thought to myself, he’s a potential crush,

But thou must not lust.

He came out of the house next to mine, and even though my class the next day was at nine,

I knew I’d have to resume my routine of running at seven,

But on Monday he didn’t come out till eleven,

So I had to change my plan.

Tuesday morning bright and early, I found the heaviest books I could carry,

You’d have thought my major was psychology,

And I waited till we got to my intersection then I happened to trip and fall in his direction,

Scattering my life all over the ground,

Did he even turn round to glance? Not a chance.

No worries I’m a trooper, by Wednesday I’d regrouped,

Decided not to stoop too low, I’d just go my way,

But that day, on his shirt was the name of my favorite band,

And the economics of courtesy demands that you pay a compliment where it’s due,

Which propelled me to yell across “you rock”

But he didn’t even stop.

So Thursday came round and my neighbor was going out of town,

She asked if I would watch and walk her dog,

And even though the furball makes me sneeze, I decided to please my curious desire,

To run into the good looking stranger,

But he seemed to be particularly in a hurry, rushing quickly as he walked by me,

And much as I wanted to give up,

On Friday I had to say something,

So when he was moving past,

I increased my speed from slow walk to fast,

This was my chance at last and I wouldn’t let it pass

I said to him,

On Tuesday I dropped my books

Wednesday I complimented your looks

Thursday I’m allergic but I took my neighbor’s dog for a walk,

Just so somehow we could talk,

None of this seemed to get your attention so I feel the need to mention,

That I’m slightly offended,

Even though I never intended for this to become an obsession,

In this time of a hot male recession,

You’ve been my inspiration to step up my game,

Can I at least get your name?

He laughed angelically as he began to explain,

On Tuesday the construction across the street was so loud

When you dropped your books I didn’t hear a thing,

And Wednesday, almost the same reason except

This time it was cuz my headphones were in,

I was listening to the band on my shirt, but I did notice your hot army green skirt,

And Thursday I would have stopped to say hi but I’m allergic to dogs too,

And every other season, however that was the reason I couldn’t tell you,

I’ve been meaning to drop by, but I’m kinda shy,

My names Dave by the way, do you have plans later today?

Mentally I had cleared my schedule; however reason implored me to front a little,

So I said “Yes actually, later I’m busy, but did you know tomorrow our favorite bands playing live in the city?”

And he said “You know magically, I’ve got two tickets actually, would you like to go with me?”

Does it take a genius to guess, my answer was yes!

Copyright ©2009 Chinwe Arinze


  1. "..thou must not lust"

    The eleventh commandment?

  2. awww tell me this was somewhat an actual encounter so i can be a believer again! so sweet and very interesting?

  3. "My names Dave by the way, do you have plans later today?"--yh right...that's just too nollywood!lol

  4. >> Roc
    Lol, I guess you can link it to the fornication commandment...

    >> Burramint
    Err.. I wish I cld just to make you happy but, alas, it is fabricated... No matter how hot a guy is I would never encourage any female to do that much, lol

    >> Zazzu
    It's the influence of your friend o! She would stop reciting lame Nigerian movie lines to me, lol.