Saturday, August 29, 2009



Lets play a game of race

Lets retrace the steps of our ancestry,

Back to who we used to be before the white man dethroned us from our place,

And when I say white I don’t mean it racially, no not yet,

I mean the wicked white that comes from within,

And we thought black was the bad color,

Now stand corrected as I tell you how they took our pride

Forced royalty to run and hide,

Forced families to divide but,

We can’t blame the other forever

Because we too sold our brothers

Children betrayed the land of their fathers

And mothers cried bloody murder

What a disgrace,

Yes you black man with wicked white on the inside

You stood and watched as women cried,

And hope died,

You sowed seeds of greed

Centuries later I wish you could see the effect,

How your children struggle to reconnect with society,

Yes sit back as I deal the cards of blame,

Double dealing because I too feel the shame,

Because you share the same color that is my claim to fame,

Yes you even share the name that they chose for us,


Do I look black to you?

My skin is a million different shades,

Honey, amber, ebony, and you call me black?

I guess that’s why you’re white to me,

Yes you white man now I’m talking racially,

I wouldn’t call my bluff because

The anger within me has been fueled by stories I’ve heard

Carted off in ships like cargo,

Packed together like a deck of cards,

No wonder there were so many dead bodies when your cargo ships reached the other side,

And you have the nerve to call us less,

Do I look less to you?

Ancient pyramids,

Lands abundant with yellow gold, black gold

Lands lush with green gold,

So much that you were green with envy,

Had to try to chain me,

Attempt to degrade me,

But wait, watch as we rebuild,

Yes Camden and Harlem are only temporary,

Jails of your own choosing,

But I’m here to explain to you black man that you can choose to lose those chains,

Break those binds that hold captive your minds,

Show them that we are not black,

We are brown skinned kings and queens and we’re making a comeback.

Copyright ©2009 Chinwe Arinze


    tru talk one is really blk...well xcept wande coal n ... lol! he isn't blk tho..jst a very dark chocolatey colour... ehehehe
    great stuff!
    U're writing more these days!!:)

  2. LMAO... See yabs.. ^^^

    Wetin WC do you? Lol