Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What if?

So I've decided to try a different method of blogging my poetry...
Audio blogging...
I experimented with it in my previous post, but I also included the written copy...
This is slightly different because here there's no written copy...
Included in this post is an audio clip of me reciting my latest piece "What if"
Please feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think of the piece {and the recitation} ...

Copyright ©2009 Chinwe Arinze

Tomorrow I'll be featuring a piece by my very talented friend, Zazzu...
I love her work, and her thoughts, and her truth, and I suggest you check her out when I post her link... :)


  1. TheOtherNigerianGirlAugust 25, 2009 at 9:31 PM


  2. hmm... i don't know
    i hear the whole thing abt how Nigeria was never really supposed to be a country, but now that we are, now that we've bn for this long, should something as little as this break us up.
    I see the diversity of Nigeria, the coming together of different tribes to become one as a relationship...and relationships are hard

    Should we just give up?
    Should we just ask for a divorce just because one person decides to islamise/destroy the person...haha...really,i don't know, but i know i love this country in it's entirety, but maybe i'm just that selfish child from a broken/breaking home who just wants to see her parents back together, happy.

    thnx for the 'very talented' :) n all ur comments on my blog (even tho i practically forced them outta u) :D

  3. When are you handing out the manager applications? ;)

  4. WOW! "Ever wonder why politicians have tinted windows?" I really loved this whole piece, and the recitation was great. I like your voice, and I'm eager to hear more;)

  5. Super-freaking-awesome!!!!
    Share the same concerns, but...call me naive, I really think we can be fixed. Maybe not in my lifetime, or even my children's lifetime, but we're pretty much at the bottom we can only move up from here.
    Plus the recitation was wicked, you should consider doing slam poetry 9if you haven't already).

  6. >> TheOtherNigerianGirl
    Thanks thanks :)

    >> Zazzu
    Should you remain in an arranged marriage where your husband abuses you on a daily basis, just because you've been married for 10yrs... will you wait till he kills you before you leave?
    I share your sentiment, and the Nigeria I grew up in is fun to reminisce about sometimes, but I don't think it's the same place at all..
    And you ARE talented! :)

    >> BlackBuddafly
    You have the job now, its not to early to start booking shows for me, lol. But honestly, I write for the love of it. I feel like if everything else was taken away, I would still have my words.

    Thank you lady. I think now I've instilled a fear of tinted windows in some people though, lol. Thanks for the support! :)

    Thanks so much :) ...
    I like that, we're at the bottom so we can only move up, I'll try and stay positive.
    I've thought about poetry slam but those people are insane! I think I need more growth before I try that. But the next step for me is open mic shows.. I hope I'm brave enough!

  7. ok so this made me cry!! its so painful to this of what is...
    on the other hand i have hope!
    this was -scratch that- is so beautiful!

  8. Interesting concept..

    Personally though, I'd prefer to be able to read along whilst listening..

    Just in case I don't hear some words, reading them brings it to life..

  9. Chinchin.. i hear u. loud and clear.. yet aren't nigerians born to hope against hope? Aren't we a die hard nation? Hasn't our genetic makeup mutated and we try try try or die trying...we ARE the happiest people in world, aren't we?
    What if we civilians staged a coup and wiped out all d corrupt leaders, would we need a split? and wouldn't ur children then get to see a United Republic of Nigeria... What if?
    Mrs. U.

  10. Ok, I rest my case...

    and jump over to Anonymous's 'Die Hard' argument... :p

  11. >> Burramint
    Thanks bebe.. I know its painful, but it's truth.. quite depressing stuff to think about..

    >> Roc
    Yeh I'll start including the text with the audio clips :)

    >> Mrs. U
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I heard that too, about us being the happiest people in the world, we're blessed with the ability to find laughter in any situation.

    I feel if civilians staged a coup the next issue would be who takes over. Every tribe would be more concerned about the well being of their people once the greater evil is out of the way. And if the military staged a coup, they would take power to the extreme as always, because men with guns believe they are above the law.

    But I'll pray for Nigeria, at the end of the day it's my country, and I want the best for it's people too :)...

    >> Zazzu