Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Who am I

As these tears run down my face,

I struggle to find meaning, to realize my place,

To recognize purpose in a seemingly purposeless existence,

Who, what, why?

How do I avoid becoming a cog in the wheel,

In this world where you must trade your passion,

To allow yourself to be fashioned, and molded by other peoples ideas,

Limited by other people’s fears,

Labeled as weak because your eyes produce tears,

Who am I?

I’ve let my persona be determined by another,

Afraid to love because love is unsure,

Afraid to live because who does that anymore,

We don’t live,

We leave behind the dreams that once made us fly,

I remember getting high on the prospect of endless possibilities,

Now I sit and cry, as I wonder,

Who am I?

Copyright ©2009 Chinwe Arinze


  1. I love how you've copywrited your poetry!

    "Labeled as weak because your eyes produce tears"--I still struggle with this one; I hate crying because I don't want to be weak, ever. But it isnt a sign of weakness at all, I know that...all in due time.

    It's important to have a passion and to never let go of it; to have love and to believe in it; without them it is meaningless to be.

    Great poem:)

  2. Crying is a form of release for me. If I don't cry, I don't let go n I don't move on...I don't live.

    My Vivian Fowler Proprietress used to tell us at every induction that we should look at ourselves in the mirror and ask ourselves
    "Who Am I?"- we used to make fun of it then, i mean the woman couldn't get a new moral lesson for six years!!...

    k my comment is becoming to long...

    Anyway I tried the mirror thing. Mirrors have got no answers baby. (Well except the YOU LOOK ...like shit/like crap/ beautufil--ones, but not the YOU ARE ones).

    Still on that journey to self discovery!

    A little religion helps tho...imagine if I was an atheist....then i'd have some really screwed up ideologies!!

    hehe sorry for this long post. how did u do the copyright thing? u kno sey i be villager

  3. >> Mama
    Yeah my friends were getting on my case about making sure no-one took my work, and I'd tell them "it's my mind, there's more where it came from", but I finally took their advice :)

    I don't know where the idea came from that crying was a sign of weakness but it seems to be instilled in a lot of us now, totally false idea.

    Thanks for your encouragement as always :)

    Lol, you and your crying. Remember that day when you forgot your homework, lol, I'll remind you of that till you're 70yrs old!

    Your sis told me the VF story, haha.. she made me laugh every time she said "WHO AM I?" .. tell her I miss her!

    God is always the answer, He keeps us sane!

    I'll email you and explain the copyright process, which really isn't a process at all ;)

  4. this could pass for def jam poetry....pretty amazing sturvings :3

  5. I read this the day you posted..
    Now I've forgotten what I wanted to say... :(

  6. Thou must remember..
    You know I wrote this when I was upset and I spoke to you, and you told me to go write so.. I should be thanking you really...
    Thank you Rocstar :)