Saturday, September 12, 2009


So my friends and I had a rap battle a long time ago..
Yes I used to attempt to rap *cringe*...
But I recently found our old raps from the battle and I couldn't stop laughing... lol

Boy 1
Ahem! Mic check 1, 2, 1 ,2
Think its time 2 take dis ting 2 level 2
Slay a sucker MC das wat im bout 2 do
Drop an atomic bomb on ya wreck ya whole crew

Rockets aimed, programmed 2 seek and destroy
Blast thru ur armour, be it metal, teflon or alloy
Gutter tactics, developed in da ghetto iz what i employ

But Ussee is here 2 bring u back 2 reality
Come against me u must b praying 4 a calamity wiv alacrity
This is not a battle of equality, lyrically we hav no similarity
My name's like microsoft, hear it and remember it as a symbol of quality

Rapping hatin rapper wannabeez
I feel u swarming around me lyk beez
Got no mercy 4 my enemiez
Swat u wiv an iron fist wiv eaze
The General is here! SALUTE!
At Ease...

Yeh I know I’m the master, my job is to teach,
Jus lyk ur church pastor, I came here to preach,
Can I get a hallelujah, this is a revival,
Rap was dead, but it arose wiv my arrival,

My ying is ur yang, I’m at my zen,
Un-phased I’m chillin lyk a lioness in her den,
Say when, lemmi know if you had enough,
Cuz I won’t stop, lyk genuine leather I’m tough,

Saleem if rap knowledge was oxygen, you’d suffocate,
Be begging for alms lyk a beggar at the gate,
Ain’t no hate, so I’ll spare u some change,
But I’ll leave u with a warning, next time stay within ur range,

My flow is sick, classic, lyk the renaissance,
I come harder every tym, leave niggas in a trance,
And yeh I see you, flipping thru ur dictionary,
Wait my bad, you're still playin pictionary,

But picture this, lyk buddha I came to give enlightenment,
Steadily raising standards while you’re on steady decent,
My game so slick, I’m lyk a talented thief,
So Usse ur the general? Meet the commander in chief!

Peace ;)

May {my sister}
Hey hey bros wetin u dey do,
Gon sidon abeg before I finish you,
Wait, what, u open mouth come dey talk?
U sabi run ur mouth but u no fit do the walk,
Abeg bros u dey try too hard,

You don disqualify, con take ur red card.

My people come see this oyinbo pikin,
With his flows wey resemble handicap chicken,
If I were u my brother I go my lock my door dey pray,
“Make she no embarrass me with the tin wey she go say”

Infact I go take pity, make I leave u alone,
Bcuz u fit destroy urself on ur own,
I don trample u, u dey lyk gum wey I chew,
Da problem now na to remove u from my shoe.

Back with a new rap for the poetically inclined,
Check ur mirrors, strap in, this is rap undefined,
Can’t help but wonder why you still want more,
You say ur a disease? Well I brought the cure,

I know why you’re so moody, your rap is on menopause,
I would be touchy if I couldn’t use a phrase or a clause,
Cut! Stop! Rewind, did I leave you behind?
You will find though my skill has no class and no kind,

My rap is lyk medicare, urz is on welfare,
I do this on a daily basis, my rap is your oasis,
Been wandering in the desert, come here nd wash ur faces,
Leave you refreshed cuz u was dying of thirst,
No need to say thank you, I know u needed the rest,

You about to get digested, your flow is like food,
No wait, I meant trash, thrown out cuz its no good,
Like your favourite channel you know I keep you glued,
Unless you ain’t got cable, then I leave you confused,
I keep it hot like fire, flames keep rising higher,
Like a stipper in full attire, I’ma strip you of rap desire,
Checked CNN lately? There’s been some breaking news,
“ChinChin bringing the spark back to Usse’s broken fuse”

Congress just passed a new bill on rap abuse,
Sawi Saleem, ryt now I’d hate to be in your shoes,
Your skill is lyk old nikes, dirty and used,
Useless, like a bomb that’s been diffused,

Your rap is like a shape that lacks geometry,
Like a molecule without complexity,
A poor composition that’s void of harmony,
Chemical X without acidity,
You’re still VHS and I’m DVD!

This ain’t a battlefield no more, it’s a cemetery,
My rap ‘the artillery’, your rap ‘the casualty’,
So bad boi’s I’ve got a question, watchu gonna do?
Best take cover when I come through,

I’m on a constant high, you best catch the craze,
Cuz unlike you this is my life, not just a phase,
The only way you can stop it is to kill it,
And even that won’t work cuz u’ll still feel it like a spirit,

Like a court case, I’ma let the jury decide,
Although they’re still in awe at how my case has been designed,
“We the jury think the defendant is unopposed,
To the plaintiff, we have no choice but to render this case closed!”


  1. LWKM....

    Y'all with give Drake a run for his money..

  2. not bad, not bad
    y'all have a future in the Nigerian Music Business especially May...Lemme manage u?

  3. LMAO!! May's part is STILL my fav, d babe killed it in pidgin!!