Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Guess who made tights and shorts famous! Haha!

By the way, check out that forehead...

Two nights ago, after I got my hair braided, my sister made a comment about how shiny my forehead was...
And my own father says "you have Gleaming Forehead Syndrome! GFS!" ... then proceeds to laugh till he cries...

1 hour later
Omg! I just realized it was my birthday in that pic! And I was playing musical chairs! Lmao... by myself!??

Me and Him

Me and him,
Were trains going in opposite directions,
Heading towards different stations,

Me and him,
Were hitchhiking through life,
Constantly on the go,

Me and him,
Were punctuations in the English language,
Me, the question mark,
Him, the full stop,

Me and him,
Were trains going in opposite directions,
Excited by the possibility of a collision,
Scared by the intensity of our electricity,
But hoping for the slightest bit of friction,
Never slowing,
Never stopping,
Lovers only through a brief interaction,

Me and him,
Were never meant to be,
But we were,
Then were not,
And now, we are nothing.

Another perk of going to work everyday...

.... aside from getting paid...

The Sunrise

The Sunset

Today I committed a sin,
I walked into a Cosi's,
And sat down,
To drink a Starbucks coffee,
Forgive me .... :)

Friday, October 9, 2009

I'm sorry? NASA did what now?

Okay, so recently I've only been blogging art related stuff..
That's because once I get into art mode nothing else really catches my attention...
But a friend of mine told me about this yesterday and I was appalled...

So apparently they're trying to find out if there's water on the moon...
Because stealing *ahem* I mean harnessing the moons H2O makes more sense than stopping the pollution of ours...
Because the big companies that dump crap into the earths water bodies {and also contribute their friendly quota to global warming}, most likely invest in NASA's projects as well...
Because it's easier {not} to jet off into space and cart off water from a celestial body that, while belonging to earth, doesn't really belong to just humans beings...
As a matter of fact, there are millions of other species that we humans share the earth with, but of course they don't matter... {note the obvious sarcasm}...
Oh and the most important reason, because NASA decides for the rest of the planet what we do with our moon...

Well, there was noone to stop them...

Not that I hope anything goes/went wrong...
But I do hope that if any moon bits happens to break off, spiral out of orbit, and drop to earth...
They smash only the NASA headquarters... to bits :)

Don't misunderstand me, I'm all for science, technology, and the advancement of the human race...
But there are just certain forces that should not be tampered with...
Thats all.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Desperate Resignation

Have you ever wanted to run,
Just run,

You know a cab would get you there faster,
Or a train,
Or a plane,
But you'd rather run,
Because you have no destination,

That is your heart has a destination,
But your feet can't take you there,
So even if you run, you're still going nowhere,
No matter how fast you go, or how far,

But you need to run still,
To get to the point where,
You can't run anymore,
You can't breathe anymore,
You can't hear your heart anymore,
And to that point where,
You're certain theres nothing you can do anymore,
But stop.
Just stop.
Copyright ©2009 Chinwe Arinze