Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Another perk of going to work everyday...

.... aside from getting paid...

The Sunrise

The Sunset

Today I committed a sin,
I walked into a Cosi's,
And sat down,
To drink a Starbucks coffee,
Forgive me .... :)


  1. oh, but how's dt a sin??
    pics r pwetty :)

  2. First a shoe.. Then a bag..
    Too many fetishes(?) for one woman.

  3. @ ~B~
    Cuz Cosi has it's own coffee, lol..
    How would you feel if you're standing next to a girl wearing the same dress as you, but sm1 passes by and compliments only her... See what I mean? lol...

    Thanks <3

    @ Roc
    And yet when my friends are buying fashion, I'm buying literature... *sigh*