Saturday, December 25, 2010

I Got Tired...

... of hiding behind the lens.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Eyes shut.

Its winter but I’m breaking sweat,

Maybe its because I’m broken but bound,

Breaking new ground,

I choke on the word like a fish bone; I swear I’d say it easier over the phone.

Or in my dreams, where I’ve said it a thousand times,

I swear you already know because you’ve heard it a thousand times.

In the summers you give me cold feet,

You make me meet my fear, I met my match,

I’ve reeled in a catch.

Why does hate come so easy, and the opposite make me queasy,

I hate the way you don’t know how much you could be,

Hate how you take advantage of me,

How you can’t pronounce Givenchy,

That you’re there when I want to be alone and absent when I need you the most,

And now I’m moving on, how you haunt me like a ghost,

Please let me be, set me free,

Let me sleep and have no dreams.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010


I’m trapped in my own skin,

In the essence of my own being,

The identity I disown defines me to the bone,

My thoughts are born of my upbringing,

My actions, indicators of the nature that I am proud of,

And ashamed of.

I do not need a calculator to tell you how many times,

I have contemplated what else I could be if I wasn’t Nigerian,

I can relax away the thickness of my hair,

But not the stubbornness of my culture,

Pretend the same greed doesn’t reside in my marrow,

While I envy the ease at which the white man lives,

How the seasons change and give new beginnings,

There’s no fall where I come from,

Just the pride of the proud as they trample on the humble,

The strength of a currency so low,

Its power slips by unchecked but not unnoticed.

Yet the reality remains,

If I could bleed the Nigerian out of me,

I would surely die unnoticed in another man’s land,

Fulfilling a stereotype recorded by a dead mans hand,

If I could extract the Nigerian from my being,

Then I would miss the wisdom of the world,

That life would presume it could teach me,

Lessons instilled in my mind before I was born,

The blessing and the curse,

I sometimes loathe the irony of my nationality.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


When I start to wonder,
I silently remind myself in an inaudible whisper,
That his hands were still unsure; his mind not yet mature,
I needed a man not a boy, a real soldier not a toy,
A lover not a leaver,
A fighter not a quitter,
A love that lasts forever,
Forever could be five minutes of certainty,
Or a lifetime of indecision,
I just needed definition,
Were we or weren’t we,
I’d rather fight than pretend I’m alright,
Fight and stay up all night,
Watch the sunrise before I realize,
I might have won that one but I’m losing the battle,
His heart was willing but his mind was unable,
Real love isn’t a fairytale or fable,
It’s anything but stable,
It’s those moment when you could have but you didn’t,
It either is or it isn’t,
We either had it and lost it,
Or never had it at all,
I promised myself I wouldn’t fall,
Screw Insomnia.

Copyright ©2010 Chinwe Arinze

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Unblogged Art

My Gorgeous Friend Sabz

Monday, June 21, 2010

First Coat...

...Is giving me a bit of trouble... should have taped the edges :S

Saturday, June 19, 2010

First Look

Didn't have a real camera on me so I took this with my phone.
I was so excited to be done with the sketching.
I'm kinda in a love-hate relationship with acrylic right now so hopefully I don't ruin it by painting it *nervous*

Friday, June 18, 2010


I'm working on a new painting... Don't you just love the smell of art stores and the possibilities you see when you look at an empty board of canvas? :)

I can't wait to blog my progress!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Art Stuff

Trying to figure out my collage for my design 1 final exam :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another Excerpt

Thank you guys for your feedback from the last excerpt. This is another excerpt from the book, I can't promise I'll post them too often but every one in a while I'll put one up. I'm not sure when it'll be done, hopefully by the end of the year, thats my goal. But I will keep you posted on my progress. Enjoy!

Her father wanted her out of the house as quickly as possible, so he could spend more money on palm wine and kolanut. In fact, the day she had finished secondary school at the only missionary school in the village, he had knocked out any idea of university from her mind. He had made it clear that he didn’t plan to throw away any more money training a girl to go and marry, regardless of the fact that her results were excellent.

Her mother wanted her to put on more weight, even though Chidi had tried to explain to her that no matter how much she ate she couldn’t get any fatter. Her biology teacher had told her in school about metabolism, but when she had tried to explain it to her mother she had thrown a fit about why the biology teacher was staring at her daughters body, without even giving Chidi a chance to explain that the teacher was female.

Oge always told her to be happy, but as Chidi had been discovering recently, if your idea of happiness didn’t match up to someone elses then they would make it seem like misery until you began to question why it made you happy in the first place. When Chidi was sixteen, she had confided in her friend that Obi the palm wine tappers son had given her chewing gum at school, with a note asking her to be his girlfriend. Oge had laughed till tears came out of her eyes, describing Obi as “that fresh face empty pocket boy”, and advised Chidi to return the chewing gum before Obi got the impression that he had paid a dowry. Initially Chidi hadn’t seen anything wrong with the idea of having a simple existence as a palm wine tappers wife. But her friends’ poisonous laughter had infected the simple happiness of that dream, and Chidi had never been able to see Obi in the same light, no matter how hard she tried.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Book Excerpt

As promised this is an excerpt from the book I'm working on... :)

The whispers also carried news that the Chief would be returning with his whole family; his oyinbo wife Celia, and their children Ego and Chuka who both schooled overseas. The last time they had all visited Chidinma had been eight years old, and she could barely remember anything of their visit. The only memory that stood out was the one where she was hiding behind the door in the living room, listening to her father whom she idolized speak to Chief Uche like he was a god. A few years later she understood that it was because the Chief planned to open a new branch of his store in the village, and her father wanted to be chosen over all the other men in the village to run it. Unfortunately for him, the Chief had chosen Ogechi’s father, and Chidinmas father had always been bitter about it, especially towards the Chief.

“Come away from there my friend! What is carrying your eye to that place?” Chidinmas father harshly startled her out of her curiosity. “You want to be like all the other bush people in this village, have you never seen moto before!”

“Sorry papa,” She begun apologetically, “Ogechi told me Chief Uche is driving a Jeep, and I ..”

“Shut up there!” He yelled cutting her off. “Jeep what? Is it Jeep you will marry?”
He walked closer to her scattering the chickens in every direction across the dusty yard.

“That same Ogechi has found a husband o, let me tell you.” He said pointing in her face with one hand, and holding his wrapper up with the other. His breath reeked of palm wine from the night before. Chidinma dared to take a small step back.

“As you are watching jeep pass, you better be thinking of how you will leave my house within the next year, before you expire like old milk.” He turned around, hissed dangerously, and headed back into the house. “Are you still standing there?” He shouted without looking back, startling Chidinma for the second time that morning.

She picked up the broom she was supposed to be using to sweep.

“I’m sweeping sir.” She replied, feeling very pleased with her excuse.

“Drop that broom and come and make my pap!” he wouldn’t have bought the excuse even if it came with free pepper and plantain chips. “What are you sweeping, Chief Uche’s jeep abi? Foolish girl.”

Chidinma dropped the broom and followed him inside reluctantly, dragging her feet and mumbling to herself all the way.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Book Stuff

For my next blog post I shall be uploading an excerpt of a book I'm currently working on which should be finished by next summer. Please let me know what you think when you read it, and if you enjoy it. I might not change much because I know how I want the book to read, but I also need to make sure my readers are enjoying it. No point writing a book people don't enjoy reading right?

Hope everyone's had a wonderful week so far. TGIF tomorrow =D

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Another snow day..

Equals another painting =)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A few things...

First off, I'm thinking of separating my blogs; that is having one for illustration, and another for photography, and another for short stories, and another for poetry, and another for music.. haha! Or, just one, with many different tabs =).. but once I'm done with my internship in a few weeks I shall sort that out.

Next, I wish it would stop snowing, I mean now the snow is just like an annoying friend. I like it when you visit today, maybe even tomorrow, but not everyday, and certainly not uninvited, lol.

Lastly, here are a few illustrations I did of my gorgeous little sister. Enjoy.. :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Thursday, February 11, 2010

No I haven't forgotten...

... that I have a blog =)

The snow has been fantastic for two reasons...
1) I got two days off work
2) I had two days to shoot and edit pictures

And I am quite proud of my work... even though every five minutes I find something new to tweak, and something else to adjust...

I shall post the pictures this weekend!

T.G.I.F... tomorrow ;)

I was bored :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Work, art, and formspring =)

So… I have not blogged in a while.. forgive me…

This is because after waking up at 6am and getting home at 6pm exhausted, I barely have any day left.

And whatever I have left of my day is spent facebooking {what a shame} tryna catch up with my good friends most of whom are half the world away from me, on the phone {doing the same thing}, or with my art seeing as I recently purchased a Wacom Intuos 4, and I now qualify as a starving artist. Seriously, I have no money for lunch today{I mooched a few quarters off my darling sister this morning on her way to school}, and I’m hoping the flavor in the piece of gum I’m currently chewing lasts longer that 20 minutes {hope I don’t get attacked by the Stride ram, but hey I’m chewing orbit anyway!}…

This weekend should be fun, my gorgeous friend is performing at our University's winter dance recital {she’s amazing}, and this year she gets a solo that I cannot wait to watch, and my friends are making their ‘DJ’ing Debut’ at a lil party thing-thing they’re hosting, and then we’re heading to my other friends for a mega girly art-fest/sleepover, and this is all on Friday night… hehe. Saturday I plan to go stalking/hunting/photographing in the city before I head home and SLEEP {Edit} the weekend away {the photo’s I take =)}

Shout out to a newly acquired acquaintance Nabila, her new blog inspires me to spend more time illustrating, check her out at …. I’m so excited to see all the amazing things she has to offer the world of artistic blogging.

Since I am now reduced to carrying my laptop to work to type up blog posts and reply emails via Microsoft word, and then send them out once I get home {yes Mama your email is on its way ;) }, I cannot type for long. There is a huge stack of newsletters staring at me with eyeballs that only I can see, asking me to stuff them in envelopes and send them out. I leave, I go, I shall blog again soon, so much to share.


PS: Check out this new site .. apparently it’s the new craze. You get to ask/be asked any question in the world on any topic and get/give answers.. cool stuff huh. Looks like another time wasting site we shall all get addicted to for no reason in no time, lol. Perhaps I shall start up an advice column and get people to ask me questions through that site. But it is more likely that I will tweet before I inquire {yes I do NOT tweet, bite me}.

Ok I’m out =)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Get involved people... help Haiti

Help for Haiti: Learn What You Can Do

I'm at work right now so I have to blog more on this later.
But for now click on the link above to see how you can get involved.
Have a blessed day.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Even though I spent the better part of my birthday working, I'm finally 21. It feels weird, despite the fact I keep telling people I've been legal since I was 12, growing up in a country with wacky law enforcement agents, not that I ever broke the law or anything.

Birthday dinner with les amis on Saturday evening... my dress from ASOS arrived today despite the bad weather in the UK. Special thanks to my love Atina for recommending that store, it's my new clothing crack supply, and trust me to order a dress from England in the middle of a snow storm =D

I thank God for another year, and I'm hoping for many more.
Now I'm off to facebook to thank all my birthday well wishers, every single one of them...

A lil smn smn I drew for myself :)