Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Even though I spent the better part of my birthday working, I'm finally 21. It feels weird, despite the fact I keep telling people I've been legal since I was 12, growing up in a country with wacky law enforcement agents, not that I ever broke the law or anything.

Birthday dinner with les amis on Saturday evening... my dress from ASOS arrived today despite the bad weather in the UK. Special thanks to my love Atina for recommending that store, it's my new clothing crack supply, and trust me to order a dress from England in the middle of a snow storm =D

I thank God for another year, and I'm hoping for many more.
Now I'm off to facebook to thank all my birthday well wishers, every single one of them...

A lil smn smn I drew for myself :)


  1. Happy birthday:) May God bless you!

  2. Happy birthday chinny! Great art btw =D

  3. Wow.. All the best today!
    And do have a happy birthday!

    I'll be sure to have a drink on you! :)

  4. >> Mama
    Amen! Thanks luv! :)

    >> Valerie
    Many thanks!

    >> Roc
    Rocstar! You've forgotten me!
    What kinda drink? lol
    And will you blog ever again?