Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Work, art, and formspring =)

So… I have not blogged in a while.. forgive me…

This is because after waking up at 6am and getting home at 6pm exhausted, I barely have any day left.

And whatever I have left of my day is spent facebooking {what a shame} tryna catch up with my good friends most of whom are half the world away from me, on the phone {doing the same thing}, or with my art seeing as I recently purchased a Wacom Intuos 4, and I now qualify as a starving artist. Seriously, I have no money for lunch today{I mooched a few quarters off my darling sister this morning on her way to school}, and I’m hoping the flavor in the piece of gum I’m currently chewing lasts longer that 20 minutes {hope I don’t get attacked by the Stride ram, but hey I’m chewing orbit anyway!}…

This weekend should be fun, my gorgeous friend is performing at our University's winter dance recital {she’s amazing}, and this year she gets a solo that I cannot wait to watch, and my friends are making their ‘DJ’ing Debut’ at a lil party thing-thing they’re hosting, and then we’re heading to my other friends for a mega girly art-fest/sleepover, and this is all on Friday night… hehe. Saturday I plan to go stalking/hunting/photographing in the city before I head home and SLEEP {Edit} the weekend away {the photo’s I take =)}

Shout out to a newly acquired acquaintance Nabila, her new blog inspires me to spend more time illustrating, check her out at …. I’m so excited to see all the amazing things she has to offer the world of artistic blogging.

Since I am now reduced to carrying my laptop to work to type up blog posts and reply emails via Microsoft word, and then send them out once I get home {yes Mama your email is on its way ;) }, I cannot type for long. There is a huge stack of newsletters staring at me with eyeballs that only I can see, asking me to stuff them in envelopes and send them out. I leave, I go, I shall blog again soon, so much to share.


PS: Check out this new site .. apparently it’s the new craze. You get to ask/be asked any question in the world on any topic and get/give answers.. cool stuff huh. Looks like another time wasting site we shall all get addicted to for no reason in no time, lol. Perhaps I shall start up an advice column and get people to ask me questions through that site. But it is more likely that I will tweet before I inquire {yes I do NOT tweet, bite me}.

Ok I’m out =)

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  1. i havent heard of the, sounds interesting. am off to check it out!