Monday, February 15, 2010

Red Riding Hood


  1. These pics are gorgeous! you're so pertty in red;) I got your email:) I'll reply you tomorrow, im so tired!:P love ya!

  2. Absolutely fab pics..
    But na you now, so I didn't expect anything less.. :)

  3. nice pictures! i like the last one a lot. did you take these?

  4. >> Mama
    Lol, now mama I wish that was actually me, but it's my younger sister, and I hear we look a lot alike ;) .. She's really pretty, and she's such a trooper for agreeing to model for me in such weather. I saw your email, been getting home from work late but you shall get a reply tonight! Love u right back =D

    >> Roc
    Thanks Rocstar, they were hard to take in the cold, but it was worth the almost frostbite, lol. I sat on my hands for a while when I got done just to warm them up :D

    >> Femme Lounge
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Yes I took them all, I love photography and illustration, but I've been doing a lot more of former recently.