Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Book Excerpt

As promised this is an excerpt from the book I'm working on... :)

The whispers also carried news that the Chief would be returning with his whole family; his oyinbo wife Celia, and their children Ego and Chuka who both schooled overseas. The last time they had all visited Chidinma had been eight years old, and she could barely remember anything of their visit. The only memory that stood out was the one where she was hiding behind the door in the living room, listening to her father whom she idolized speak to Chief Uche like he was a god. A few years later she understood that it was because the Chief planned to open a new branch of his store in the village, and her father wanted to be chosen over all the other men in the village to run it. Unfortunately for him, the Chief had chosen Ogechi’s father, and Chidinmas father had always been bitter about it, especially towards the Chief.

“Come away from there my friend! What is carrying your eye to that place?” Chidinmas father harshly startled her out of her curiosity. “You want to be like all the other bush people in this village, have you never seen moto before!”

“Sorry papa,” She begun apologetically, “Ogechi told me Chief Uche is driving a Jeep, and I ..”

“Shut up there!” He yelled cutting her off. “Jeep what? Is it Jeep you will marry?”
He walked closer to her scattering the chickens in every direction across the dusty yard.

“That same Ogechi has found a husband o, let me tell you.” He said pointing in her face with one hand, and holding his wrapper up with the other. His breath reeked of palm wine from the night before. Chidinma dared to take a small step back.

“As you are watching jeep pass, you better be thinking of how you will leave my house within the next year, before you expire like old milk.” He turned around, hissed dangerously, and headed back into the house. “Are you still standing there?” He shouted without looking back, startling Chidinma for the second time that morning.

She picked up the broom she was supposed to be using to sweep.

“I’m sweeping sir.” She replied, feeling very pleased with her excuse.

“Drop that broom and come and make my pap!” he wouldn’t have bought the excuse even if it came with free pepper and plantain chips. “What are you sweeping, Chief Uche’s jeep abi? Foolish girl.”

Chidinma dropped the broom and followed him inside reluctantly, dragging her feet and mumbling to herself all the way.


  1. See me gettin excited, I've seen this one alredy!!

    *snob face t the rest of blogsville, I'm VIP :P*

    Hurry uppppp!!

  2. YES! I love African literature. We have much in common, dear:) Good write.

  3. also a fan of african literute...the little you've done sounds original..which is the most important thing..keep up the good work hoping to read the book when you are done..

  4. Enjoyed this more when I got to the dialogue.
    The early descriptions seemed a bit strung out a bit.
    Well done though!!