Sunday, December 12, 2010

Eyes shut.

Its winter but I’m breaking sweat,

Maybe its because I’m broken but bound,

Breaking new ground,

I choke on the word like a fish bone; I swear I’d say it easier over the phone.

Or in my dreams, where I’ve said it a thousand times,

I swear you already know because you’ve heard it a thousand times.

In the summers you give me cold feet,

You make me meet my fear, I met my match,

I’ve reeled in a catch.

Why does hate come so easy, and the opposite make me queasy,

I hate the way you don’t know how much you could be,

Hate how you take advantage of me,

How you can’t pronounce Givenchy,

That you’re there when I want to be alone and absent when I need you the most,

And now I’m moving on, how you haunt me like a ghost,

Please let me be, set me free,

Let me sleep and have no dreams.

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