Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Just Watched Animal Planets 'Mermaids'

Yes there is a lot of controversy surrounding the documentary, and there are plausible arguments for both sides, however I must say I’m quite compelled to believe in the existence of intelligent sea creature that are yet to be discovered. Not only because there are multiple groups throughout history that claim to have encountered them (in a time without internet or telecommunication where such rumors could not be virally spread), or because I know that we’re still discovering lost tribes on land and creatures in the deep sea, but mostly because human beings like the idea that they own the earth and can control the flow of information and have created such a controversy around something that should be ignored if there’s not truth to it, or at least researched if there’s even a possibility.  
Why is it that idea’s that challenge government propaganda are labelled as ‘conspiracy theories’? We already know that global governmental agencies thrive based on the knowledge they withhold from the masses. There exist numerous ‘intelligence’ agencies that have access to our personal information and can use it as they please (and then we also volunteer our information via social networks and such), top secret weapons development programs that create instruments of destruction that not only harm us but also the other creatures we are meant to co-exist with, and places like ‘Area 51’ that are only the business of the government and not the people they claim to govern. My point is, why do government agencies bother coming out to deny or discredit certain theories if there’s absolutely no truth to them. It’s like a father having an in-depth argument with a child that Santa Claus does not exist, if that indeed is true doesn’t the child grow up to discover it themselves? Or is the government simply trying hard to cover up information that could bring to light their destructive activities (i.e weapons testing), or something more?
At the end of the day there are a ton of world mysteries I would love to understand. Alien sightings, the Bermuda triangle, ancient prophecies that come true (Biblical prophecies, people like Nostradamus), crop circles, etc. I don’t care about being labelled a conspiracy theorist, the pursuit of knowledge is the beginning of enlightenment. And I don’t really care what the government says, it became apparent ages ago that they have an agenda of their own, their truths come in halves, and they create a lot of the problems in society by developing economic models designed to fail. What I do care about, is studying evidence for myself, reading books, doing research, and maybe even one day going on adventures that enable me to find answers that unravel the truth.
For now, the possibility of mermaids is not far-fetched to me, because as difficult as it is to prove they exist, it’s pretty much almost impossible to prove that they don’t. My main concern however, is that even though self defense is necessary because humans are the most savage of animals and are more prone to blowing each other up rather than reaching compromises, it would be nice if we tried to remember that we share this planet with thousands of other species, and what we do to this planet affects them too, whether we can see them or not. Being ‘intelligent’ life forms doesn’t give us the license to destroy the planet, rather the responsibility to protect it. Sometimes I think it’s a shame we were given such responsibility, because time and time again we’ve proven that as a whole we just might not be capable of upholding it.

Monday, May 21, 2012

To Whom It May Concern

So according to Google Analytics, although I've barley been posting anything, this old blog here still gets about 30 hits a day. Now I have no idea why this is, seeing as I've neglected this blog shamefully. However, I might as well attempt to nurture it back to health, for you, whoever you are, you 30 people that will read this post today :)

After graduation last spring, I dived head first into the real world, and lost inspiration to do anything creative. My art suffered, my writing became pretty much non-existent, and perhaps the only thing that lived was my photography which is currently on life support. But now that I have a bit more time on my hands, I'm hoping I can find inspiration to do the things I used to love. From my experience Spring is the birth time of all things different, and so this Spring I've been working on re-birthing my love for my art.

Wish me luck you persistent 30! And thank you for your undaunted faith in my blog ;)

To Each His Own

My little brothers version of a boiled egg sandwich...