Saturday, June 9, 2012

Some girls have long lists of impossible things they want in a man…

… they’re usually the ones who settle for less. Because they never find the impossible man they’re looking for. I think all you should really want is someone who loves you. Unconditionally. Enough to work hard to give you the life you deserve. Enough to take care of his health and his body. Enough to constantly feed his mind and his soul, to want to grow, to be willing to compromise but never on the wrong things. Loves you enough to know how to make you happy; to learn every curve, line, spot, and dimple on your body. Enough to know that material things are secondary, but still surprise you every now and then. Enough to want to be the best for you, and for himself, and for your relationship. And enough to know that he has to place loving God, before loving you, because only Gods love can make him perfect in his imperfections, strong in his weaknesses, and able to resist temptation. Only Gods love can make his own love enough.
That’s all I want anyway.